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KitKat to copy iOS7's flat design? Can't they think of anything else?
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didn't ios7 copy windows phone design
4 years ago·Reply
@delmontequality The flat design is not new but it is not a copy of Windows mobile. The Metro approach uses tiles and not icons. Whereas iOS redesigns the icons to be flat which is what KitKat looks like. I wish Android adopted animated icons instead. That will really kick ass.
4 years ago·Reply
android have been doing flat design icon packs for years
4 years ago·Reply
to say anything is copying iCrap is laughable at best. they haven't had an original idea since making idiots think they're original.
4 years ago·Reply
dude.. it was ios 7 which copied the flat look of android and made it flatter. Will you stop giving fucking iphone for every single thing?
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