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Hey guys! Dropped by to post this as I'm annoyed with everything going around nowadays. I don't like the fact that people legit have to make hashtags in order to prove your love for an idol, especially J-Hope in this case. In the past, J-Hope was also told to leave the group cuz he isn't handsome and doesn't belong in the group. Why do people still do this to him? What exactly has he done that you have the nerve to single him out of the group whom he loves? It's nice that people are hashtagging to show J-Hope that y'all care but why are people suddenly adoring him now? Why not since debut? Why not the minute you discovered them? My bias is J-Hope and has been for a long time now, and it's sad to see people expressing their love for him because others are doing it, or to show that they're good fans and all, yet they're the ones who prefer the maknae line and comment stupid crap on his V-live. I'm not saying EVERYONE is doing this, but specific amount of people. Please love this jelly bean and mean it. This boy is my happiness and I don't want him to be upset. He's always expressing his love for us yet all this trolling and hatred is what he gets in return? A hashtag is not always going to bring a smile in someone's face. Don't love him for just one day.

Love him EVERY DAY!

I don't understand how anyone could NOT like him. Seriously, he is this ball of happiness and sunshine. He never fails to bring a smile to my face. Each one of the guys brings something different to the group. How could anyone hate on any of them?? I just don't get it.
Me neither.... I really don't get it....
honestly i agree with you! i have followed BTS since their debut, and while i may love all the boys j-hope has always been my one and only bias in this group(even if i joke about v being a bias wreker XD). so when i see people who start liking j-hope just because others are hating on him i get very upset! If you only like someone to try and prove your not one of the haters, you dont really and truly like them so dont say you do. i hate lier's the most and you've just been "CAUGHT IN A LIEEEEEEEEEE" (sorry had to put it there ;P)
It hurts to see that people don't like him. He's such a great person, honestly just seeing picture of him, makes my whole day. He doesn't just need to be love one day, Hobi needs to be loved every single day. If you're a real fan please love them all. Hobi our sunshine, our hope馃挄馃挄
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He definitely does馃挄
I so agree! I have loved all of them so much including jin and jhope because they both are our happiness like the rest and they are equal. oh and I think they are handsome so haters back off
preach girl
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