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Written by me in college. There once was a duckling who had many brothers and sisters. The duckling was a smart one but he was very quiet and shy. His mother would always ask her ducklings questions and would reward those who answered by giving them extra food, even if they were wrong! The shy duckling would always know the answers to these questions but he never answered for he did not like to speak in public. He would stand quietly on his 2 little legs and watch as his brothers and sisters would answer after long periods of hard thinking when he already knew the answers right after his mother asked them. Many times they were wrong, but the mother was always happy that they at least tried. Right or wrong she would give them food for answering. In the beginning, the duckling did not care as the food he normally received was enough. He wanted to answer the questions to please his mother but when he tried to answer, his mouth would not move out of fear. By the time he could muster the courage to answer, one of his brothers or sisters would figure out the question and answer. After a few weeks, the duckling grew bigger, and the food he normally received was no longer enough to sustain his growing body. He soon realized that he needed to answer his mother's questions in order to survive. A few days went by and the duckling felt incredibly weak for he still could not muster the courage to answer the questions. He knew that he had to answer at least one tonight. As the night went on, he patiently built up his courage. But once again he could not overcome his fear and he began to panic. He knew this would be his mother's last question of the night. He finally yelled out in desperation the answer to the question as soon as her mother asked. His mother was extremely delighted but was sad to tell the shy duckling that all the extra food she had for tonight was gone. She promised she would give him double the next day instead! There would be no next day for the shy duckling however. He did not last till the morning.
horrible mother duck
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