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ARMYs! How y'all doing? Welcome to the ARMY BUTTERFLY WINGS SOCIETY. Basically we are ARMYs with WINGS of a BUTTERFLY as a society (Like the 2nd and 3rd Mini albums) For this fanbase, we are going to make one of the biggest projects for BTS to see as they prepare their arrivals to the United States and possibly the rest of North America. We are doing another attempt with Canada and possibly Mexico so bring all your ARMY friends to the action. Merchandise here will be bare minimum because our purpose is to lit the OCEAN up for BTS in white lights and show our slogan banners to the Bangtan Boys. Also we will be planning gift baskets and other gifts to give them as one Society. Finally we will learn all the fan chants and master it as one fan base. Volunteering is not ready yet but it will be in a few weeks or so. For now we want to focus on what's above. Also we do not know about collaborating with others only because it seems to be confusing outside here. So it will be only us. So ARMYs, are you ready to lit the stage for BTS TRILOGY EPISODE III??? Let's RUN and FLY and SPREAD OUR WINGS! TOUR INFORMATION Title:THE WINGS TOUR: BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III in the U.S. Label: BigHit Entertainment, CJ E&M Promoter: POWERHOUSE LIVE Date: March 2017 to TBA DATES NEW YORK/Newark March 23, 2017 Prudential Center NEW YORK/Newark March 24, 2017 Prudential Center CHICAGO March 29, 2017 Allstate Arena LOS ANGELES/Anaheim April 1, 2017 HONDA Center LOS ANGELES/Anaheim April 2, 2017 HONDA Center

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I want to go and participate in this. But the only one I could attend due to work schedule is the LA ones. That is unless they have more weekend dates tba in the future.