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here's my 3rd entry for the holiday fanfic event I hope you enjoy it
I sit here by the warm fire, sipping on my hot cocoa, watching the steady and fast fall of snowflakes. A child like joy bubbles up in within my chest and I can’t help but let my thoughts take me back to you. Days of my happiest memories before becoming an idol and before the fame. As my thoughts drift back in time, I hear the faint music of “Dreaming of A White Christmas”. Definitely the perfect soundtrack to picturesque view before me and within my memories. The joys of this time of year once so rushed in our excitement and anxiousness that only youth provides. The excitement is still there as an adult but we now take the time to enjoy. As the night falls and the moon illuminates I can’t but help want to act on the giddiness and childlike spirit inside of me. I stand up make my decision and grab my jacket, scarf, and mittens and head out my door. I look up at the sky and I smile. I then spread my arms out wide and fall back into the snow. I move my arms up and down creating wings and my legs back and forth to complete my snow angel. A laugh that I haven’t laughed in a long time came out. A girl that was walking by stops. She looks familiar I say to myself. She approaches me with a smile on her face and recognition lights up my face. It has been years since I saw and I spent the better part of the evening reminiscing about you. “Oppa, Kangin, it’s been so long. I didn’t know you lived in this neighborhood. How are you?” Your smile flashes brightly almost blindingly. I smile back. “I am well, y/n. I see you are as beautiful and angelic looking just as ever. How are you?” “I am well. It is so funny, earlier I was thinking about when we use to sneak out on nights like this and play in the snow. I was wondering how you, my first love was doing. I think all the reminiscing that I did fueled my desire to come out and play once again. What made you come out on a night like this?” I laugh a little and say, “I was thinking back on our times in high school as well. I felt this urge to come out and make a snow angel. Now here you stand in front of me. Do you want to come in and catch up over hot chocolate and a nice warm fire?” I see the sparkle in your eyes as you answer, “Lead the way.” Time flew by and before we both knew it the sun was rising. We both laugh at how time just escaped us. I offered to make you some breakfast before you left but you said maybe another time. We exchanged numbers and a small hug with a promise to get together soon. As you walked out the door I felt the anxiousness I once felt in our youth. I always thought you were the one that got away. As I was watching you walk I knew then that if I didn’t go after you, I would be missing an essential part of me. I ran out to you and grabbed your arm stopping you. “Y/n, if I don’t say this now, I don’t think I ever will. I regretted breaking up with you all those years ago. You say I’m your first love, but if I am being honest you have ever only been the love of my life. So will you have dinner with me tonight.” Your smile before I thought was blindingly bright but the smile you gave me just now illuminates every part inside of my soul. You wrap your arms around me and hug me. “Yes I’ll see you for dinner.” I kiss your forehead and we both finally part ways and the anxiousness that I felt is now replaced with a calm and right feeling. Whoever thought a the magic of a white christmas would strike again.
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