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Okay so lets say bambam had to go to the restroom and on accident he went in the girls restroom without knowing (I know we all did that one time when we went inside the boys restroom I mean I just wanted to see what it looks like lol) He went he came our of the stalls he bumped into you. What would you do?: a.) Cry and run out B.) be very embarrass c ) ask him why is he in here d) wonder why he in here e) tell him he in the wrong bath room f) just have an awkward momnet E) just stand there (screaming in your head) g) just run right back in the stalls h) be his lookout to help him out of the restroom
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Tell him I would be his lookout so he could leave without getting seen or photographed. .... I could just see the headlines Allkpop would wrote to smear him. Would want to protect him from that.
so true
I'd be screaming on my head maybe tear up a bit but defiantly be his lookout, ^^ U 100% right have to protect him