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I can't believe how good I'm keeping up with this xD. Well now we're moving on to day 3 but first lets find out what presents you got your lover!

Present #1

You got him his very own Karaoke Machine! You knew how much he like to sing(whether he was good or not) so you knew he would love it.

Present #2

You knew how hard your lover worked out so you got him a massage chair. Something the both of you could enjoy!

Present #3

You knew your lover would be absolutely speechless when he saw this under the tree. Nothing but an endless supply of ramyun. You knew how much he liked this so you decided might as well give him a "life's supply" of it xD

Present #4

You got something that you and your lover would both appreciate. A cute couple necklace!!
Now that you've gotten your lover's present figured out, you can't help but wonder what your lover got you. Hopefully its something you want! Choose wisely to see what you got! Be careful tho there is a bad gift in this one.

Stocking #1

Stocking #2

Stocking #3

Stocking #4

Its time to choose!! No pressure lol :)
Awe man! Endless Ramen!! I wish I got Wonho as my man. Hey! Hyungwon! Do you like ramen?
Massage chair not a bad gift. :D Even though it's probably the joke gift, I'm gonna go with 3. They are the cutest stockings. T_T
I forgot to choose a stocking. Oops! I choose stocking #3. So artsy it hurts.
Oh wow! I got Kihyun ramen!?! 馃槀馃槀 Of course I did 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Well he better REALLY like ramen cause a life's supply is a LOT. Umm and I choose #1. Hopefully it's not that bad cX
IM and I will be traditional also, so I go with 1
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