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Yes, this is a Yaoi manga, but it's so great. The story itself is what drew me in. This was honestly my first Yaoi and I just really like it, doesn't matter if it's a girl x boy, boy x boy or girl x girl, action, adventure, whatever, if the story is good and I like it, I'll read it. Tidbits: Asami Ryuichi is a powerful figure, leading a successful business man life during the day and a powerful underworld boss at night. He is just so cool and collected, never letting his emotions get in the way of his job (I love him lol). Takaba Akihito is a freelance photographer. He is a super happy person, very free I should say, and doesn't like to be under anyone's rules, and this is one of the reasons Asami likes him...his fighting/no one get's me down spirit. One of my very favorites stories, the characters and art are great, it's got action, love, comedy, and everything in between. Oh! There is also an anime on this, but I've never see case you were wondering lol
Love this manga ❤️
@Lisanna10 🙌 isn't it great? 😍
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I need to re-read it. specially now since they haven't updated it!
Asami is sooo sexy!!!