I had no idea of what went on with our relationship. We were.... perfect. I couldn't get in contact with her for years. Trying to forget about her was so hard. Even though a year has passed, I couldn't come out from her. She was so irresistible and beautiful. After our breakup, I decided to give my all to working. My motto: "Work is my wife, my wife is work." All the blind dates my stepmother tried to set up, the rich fake girls flirting with me. They all failed. Everyone of it. I just couldn't find any motivation in love anymore. But now I'm back. I'm back with y/n, lying down on this bed and recalling that nasty memory. Narrator's p.o.v. The next day you woke up early, making breakfast for Jimin. Some rice and soup would help him. It's better than the ramen he always had in the office. You opened up some side dishes when you heard the doorbell ring. "At 7:00?" You opened the door and saw Hoseok standing there. "Hoseok-ah..." He smiled. Oh, that smile. You missed it so much. It was comforting between the icy cold air that went around that house with Jimin. "I just wanted to check if you were okay?" "Aww.. what a sweet friend I have." He pressed his lips and kind of chuckled. Not the usual happy laugh. "Are you okay with Jimin?" You grabbed your arms and rubbed it while looking down at the ground, unconfidently. "... It's not bad.. A little bit uncomfortable. I mean.. we aren't the usual relationship, you know? I'll probably have to see his stepmom more often now, but it'll be okay... I guess." Hoseok pulled you in for a hug and you instantly melted into him. "You know, when you're not feeling too comfortable, you're welcome to come to my house with YoungJoon and stay for a little." "Thanks.." "So.. Have you said hi to his step mom?" You shook your head. "No.. I.. I don't think I'm ready. whenever I see her the memory flashes infront of me." He nodded, "Do what you want when you're comfortable." There was a little bit of silence. "Uh.. y/n?" "Yeah?" He looked at you and gave you a kiss on your forehead. Sweet, caring, truthful. You were a little startled at his soft lips. "I love you." His deep voice tickled your feelings and vibrated through you. You stood there a little dumb founded. What are these feelings you were going through? He's your friend.. Wasn't this just a friendship? "Uh..Hoseok-" "Y/n-ah.. come to me whenever you're feeling down okay? Remember, I'm your sunshine!" He went back to himself fast. The bright and cheerful Hoseok you know. "I'm going to go! See you later." He went out the door and you saw him walk out. When you turned around, Jimin was standing infront of you. Your eyes grew wide, "Who?" "Uh..-" "Boyfriend?" "No.. friend.." Jimin looked a little confused. That guy was so familiar... He just couldn't pick at where he saw him. "Just because we are living together, doesn't mean we have to love eachother. You can go to him whenever you want. Remember. We're just acting like a couple." Those words hurt, but made you realize that Jimin wasn't the jimin you used to know. "Don't worry, I'll take care of my own social life." He rolled his eyes. "Why are you a single mom anyway?" You stopped at your tracks. ".. Young Joon's dad's side didn't like me." "Wait... you got him before you got married?" "Yeah.. " "Irresponsible little y/n.." A flashback passed him. You and y/n sharing hot love together. His eyes shot into you. 'It can't be...' "Yeah.. I was a little irresponsible at that time.. crazy for love." You let out a deep breath and hurried into your room. You stood behind the door and grabbed your nervous heart. "I can't let him know." As you woke Young Joon up, you saw a phone call pop up. "Hello?" "Remember me?" That voice.. Sharp, high pitched, selfish. How could you forget? "Yes.." "Meet me at the cafe by 12. Don't let Jimin know." "Yes ma'am." You started to shudder at her brazen faced act. After what she did to you... How can she talk to you like nothing happened? You sent YoungJoon to school and Jimin went to work. As you walked into the cafe, you saw her. Jimin's stepmother. Go Hae Soo. You walked towards the table and bowed. Her legs were crossed and her chin was held high. How can someone be that confident? "It's been a while huh?" You nodded. The first thing she did was throw a thick envelope at you. Money. You caught it with your hands and looked at her. "What is this?" "Honey, are you blind? It's money. The money you have always been obsessed over." "I was never obsessed with money ma'am." She rolled her eyes and smirked. "Don't talk back to me." You glared into her guilty eyes. Her smirk started to reveal an ugly frown. "Now that you're living with Jimin, you should be careful. I'm giving this money to you so you keep your mouth shut on what happened between us." You closed your eyes and looked at her. "Why should I keep my mouth shut?" She slammed her hands on the table. But, you didn't even flinch. "Because I say so." And she left the cafe. You looked at her walk away and that memory flashed before your eyes. "Mother fucker." >>flashback<< 7 years ago.. It's been a while since you've been pregnant, and you weren't able to tell Jimin. Because of that devilish step mom of his. She was so desperate for HER son to become the next CEO. If you were able to marry Jimin, your son would become the next holder of the company. And she did not want that to happen. She HAD to make her son the CEO. She threatened you that, If you told Jimin, she was going to let out an article to the whole world about Jimin's dad's scandals, etc. But, you couldn't hold it in anymore. Your belly was growing bigger, and you haven't seen Jimin for weeks on purpose. Your due date was coming and Hoseok was the only person there to take care of you. When this baby was born, you had to tell Jimin no matter what. You walked with Hoseok to the doctor, and said that you needed to be in the hospital n matter what. Your water could break in just a matter of days. "Y/n.. I think you should tell Jimin.." "I don't know Hoseok.. I dont' want his family to become ruined because of me." "Y/n.. You mean more than those stupid scandals." "I know.. but, I don't know if I should tell him." Hoseok was driving you to Jimin's house. You told Hoseok that you didn't know if you should tell him, but inside, you knew you had to. For Jimin and for your baby. On the way to Jimin's house, Hoseok talked about different things but he started to notice something through the back mirror. "Hey.. y/n?" "Yeah?" "The same car has been following us for more than 30 minutes." "Huh?" A black car, tinted, expensive brand. "Hoseok , I think you're just over thinking it." "Maybe I am." He just continued driving. You started to feel a weird vibe coming through. Now that you've thought about it, you heard camera shutters everywhere you walked with Hoseok. Camera shutters, black car... You tried to ignore the weird and threatening feeling. As you arrived infront of Jimin's castle-like house, Hoseok dropped you off. "Be safe y/n!" You made an okay sign and watched him go. You let out a deep breath and unlocked your phone to call Jimin. That's when someone blocked your mouth. They took you away. You tried to scream You tried everything. You couldn't get away. "Please.. someone help me.."
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