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Running Man ending?! πŸ˜©πŸ’”
I'm mad and upset at the same time! Apparently Ji-hyo and Jong-kook are being kicked out. >:| Now Running Man will be coming to an end in February. Here's the article:
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what makes the stituation worse is that Jungkook didn't know about the he was getting fired until the day before it was broadcasted and Jihyo didn't know until it was actually broadcasted.....I felt so bad for Jihyo especially she cries and locked herself in a room, it really hit her hard... But now Jihyo and Jungkook are using the rest of their money from running man and giving it to charity. They're so sweet it's too bad something like this had happened to them...
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I didn't even get over Gary being gone, and now this happens. Did anyone else from RM know about this? Ughhh, how could this happen?! D: Poor Ji-hyo and Jong-kook.
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There really needs to be a replacement show for Running Man. It's just too bad that they got kicked off! They're the best players! I like the hashtag #FireGongHeeChul because he really should be fired for kicking them off. Again, there needs to be a replacement show!
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Right?! Especially for the fans!!!!!!!!!!! I hear it wasn't getting a lot of love domestically but rather internationally. It's too bad it has to end! There needs to be a replacement show in its air time position, like really!
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