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Group Name: A-Daily
Debuted: December 3rd, 2014 (first single, without MV)
Latest Comeback: August 8th, 2016
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Members: (4)
Name: Kim Min Kyeong
Stage Name: Sena
Born: 1994
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Name: Kim Hyun Jung
Stage Name: Jei
Born: 1994
Position: N/A
Name: Choi Ji Soon
Stage Name: Zu
Born: 1997
Position: Vocalist
Name: Park Young Bi
Stage Name: Youngbi
Born: 1998
Position: Maknae

Former Members:

Name: Yoon Seol
Stage Name: Yoonseol
Born: 1995
Position: Vocalist
Name: Lee Su Bin
Stage Name: ChaeE
Born: 1995
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Name: Nguyen Hoang Bao Ngoc
Stage Name: Jade
Born: 1995
She is Vietnamese.
Name: Eun Bi
Stage Name: Diana
Born: 1997
Position: Rapper, Previous Maknae
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Oh wow! They lost a lot of members :l They definetly need more love and support.
I know!!! It's really sad!!
It is!! Do you know why they all left?
ohhh never heard of these ladies
Their song Chu is cute!
Definitely going to check it out.
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