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99% Invisible is a podcast that I've started listening to after a friend recommended it.

I'm usually not super into podcasts or audiobooks, I like to look at text and I have trouble concentrating or remembering what I heard if I'm just listening.
But that's the beauty of 99% Invisible - the topics they discuss will probably get you to do research yourself, looking for articles and more information because that's what its all about...

The answer questions you didn't even know you had.

For example, I spent a significant portion of my day today researching how Salt Lake City was created thanks to 99%'s most recent episode.

Did you know that every address in Salt Lake City is actually just coordinates for how close you are to the main Mormon temple? Like, your address can literally be 400 South, 200 East.
And they have to wave little flags while crossing the street because the streets are too big and it takes too long to cross them?!!!!

It just gets more interesting from there!

If you're at all like me and think that podcasts won't work for you, I HIGHLY recommend you give 99% Invisible a try :)

Anyone else listen or have more podcast suggestions?

99% is a great podcast.
Reveal is a new one that I've been listening to. Sometimes obscure topics, but I think that may be one main reason why I enjoy it.