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This is my entry for UNIQ Community. Its for the Holiday One Shot Fan Fic Contest. I hope you all like it. A UNIQ Winter Reunion The weather is blizzardy cold outside. It's just the beginning of winter. You rented a cottage for the weekend. The cottage was located among a forest area but close enough to the main road leading to the highway. You were looking to spend some time alone. You have the fireplace going. You were looking out the window. You were looking at the gray and dark skies. It looks like the weather is getting worse. You were thinking out loud You turn away from the window to sit by the fireplace. You were wondering what are going to do about your life. The situation can't continue like this. You can't be the only struggling with this. Why is it seems like you are the only one waiting? Now it's his turn. You have a decision about your relationship. You are hoping that he will give the time to do some serious thinking. You aren't asking for a lot of time, just the weekend. You are sitting on a sofa in front of the fireplace. Next to it is a beautiful decorated Christmas Tree. You just realized that it was the Christmas weekend. You look into the fire, and start to wonder how he was doing. You suddenly realize where your thoughts are going. Its like you are afraid to say his name. Sungjoo has a special spot in your heart and soul. That's why it's been decided to stay with him. You were too busy missing Sungjoo, that you didn't noticed that snow was starting to fall. So you were pretty startled when there was a knock on the door. Who can be knocking? Only a few people knew where she was. You didn't even tell Sungjoo her plans. You just left a message that you were going away for the weekend. You open the door. You were so surprised to see Sungjoo standing in front of you. How did you find me? You asked in a shock expression. Yixuan told me. Sungjoo replied Can I come in? The snow is getting bad. I just made in time before it got worse. He says while pushing by your shocked stiffened body. What are you doing here, Sungjoo? I just asked for the weekend to do some thinking. I know that but it's the Christmas weekend. We should spend it together sweetie. You know I wanted to think over our relationship. Its not working out, especially now your family is against it. And I told you that they need time to get to know you better. He says while walking towards you. He was trying to hug you. In response, you start pushing him away. I'm serious Sungjoo. How can we be together when your parents and family are against us? Sweetie, we can work it out together. I'm not giving up on us. He draws you towards him. He was hugging you close. He was rocking you close. All of sudden you start to cry from all the emotions flowing through you. Sweetie, it's Christmas time and we should be together. We are each other family now. We just need each other to love and support. Sungjoo whispers in your ear, while holding you close in front of the Christmas.
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awww that was kinda sad... :( but I hope he suprised her with his parents coming over to visit and approve 😎
sad but sweet at the end