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Heres an update- more members and more information!
Name: Kid Birth: October 26, 1995 Nationality: Korean Position: — Interesting Fact: Trained for the longest
Name: Bullet Birth: December 2, 1995 Nationality: Korean Position: Leader, Vocalist, Rapper Interesting Fact: —
Name: Damon Birth: July 2, 1996 Nationality: Chinese  Position: Dancer Interesting Fact: —
Name: XiWeol Birth: October 21, 1996 Nationality: Korean Position: Main Vocalist Interesting Fact: Plays piano and guitar
Name: Xin Birth: November 10, 1996 Nationality: Chinese Position: Vocalist Interesting Fact: —
Name: JaeBin Birth: February 13, 1997 Nationality: Chinese Position: — Interesting Fact: Translator of the group
Name: SeungBo Birth: November 1, 1997 Nationality: Korean Position: Mood Maker Interesting Fact: From Dubai, Speaks Arab, English, French
Name: RiHo Birth: March 1, 1998 Nationality: Korean Position: — Interesting Fact: Experience as a child actor
Name: Anthony Birth: December 3, 2000 Nationality: Chinese-American Position: Vocalist Interesting Fact: Plays Piano
Name: YunHo Birth: April, 15, 2000 Nationality: Korean  Position: Dancer Interesting Fact: Loves street and urban choreography
Name: DaWon Birth: May 12, 2000 Nationality: Korean Position: — Interesting Fact: —
Name: Manny Birth: November 17, 2001 Nationality: Chinese Position: Maknae, Rapper Interesting Fact: Practiced music and acting since he was a child
Damon and YunHo caught my eye though
@AimeeH here is what I have~
Oo I'm intrigued
Thats what I thought too . First attraction they are handsome to be idols. Next the talent ! So we will keep tract on them!
Well I need to accept the fact that I'm going to be a noona. Manny is the one who keeps catching my eye and he's the maknae. 😭😢😣😅😂 Ok let me correct myself there's also Anthony, Seungbo, Jaebin and Bullet ok screw it the whole group.. They're all so handsome. 😅😅😅😣
Bullet is just...perfection 👌
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