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Big Hit released an announcement that was quickly translated by Allkpop. A portion of it reads:
On December 20, SUGA tripped over a door and injured his ear. He was rushed to the plastic surgeon and was told by the expert to refrain from activities that can cause irritation to the injured spot. After rechecking the ear injury on the 21st, we found that there weren't any other injuries than on his ears; however, it'll be best for him to not participate in dance practice and performance for a week in order to recover.
He'll be unable to perform at upcoming end-of-the-year performances as his main focus is to recover. EDIT: According to Soompi,
On December 20, Suga tripped over the edge of a door sill in their dorm and injured his ear.
Just adding some more clarification!

Stay healthy and take care, everyone! (´• ω •`)

tripped over a door?🤔🤔sounds like me lol anyway hope yoongi gets better soon
someone please protect this child
...yoongi....don't scare noona like that......get better soon...😉😄
oh no but I hope yoongi has a fast recovery
awee yoongi! hope he rests well and gets better 😊
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