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Hey guys! I know I've been on hiatus for a while, but I've been really busy lately. I really need to get these tickets sold. Can you guys help me out or tell someone who's been looking for tickets? I'm gonna have serious money issues if I don't get them sold.
*services fees included in total, the prices listed are the ticketmaster prices*
Section: 437, Row A, Seat 1 ($133.65)
Section: 407, Row H, Seat 5 ($133.65)
Section 412, Row K, Seat 1 ($133.65)
Section: 405, Row L, Seat 12 ($133.65)
How were able to find tickets? In the BTS website the were sold out
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i had 1 desktop and 3 laptops with meπŸ˜… are you interested in tickets?
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Where is anaheim
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yeah, it's in southern california, near Los Angeles
a year ago
you're selling the 2x the original price...actually more?
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Where in Anaheim ?
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