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Yey forty chapters! lol can't believe I made it to this! (considering I was going to thinking of end it soon but not anymore! there's still a lot left for the story, especially with Layla and the boys and Yoongi is still up to something lol). Anyway! we have Yoongi's view!! which is cute!
Yoongi's view*** It was after 5 and I was wondering if Keri was still busy or had a little time to get some coffee. I texted her but she messaged back she was trying on dresses. That interested me. "Are you going out then?" Jin asked coming over to me. "No she's busy doing dress shopping with Mel" I said "Them why do you look happy?" Jin asked. "She's going to send me pictures of her in the dresses" I grinned. "I'm hoping they are short" I added making him laugh. "Of course you would" Jin said walking away. "Your not going out?" Jimin asked when I walked back into the studio room. "No, she's busy with Mel still" I said. "That sucks. No nookie for you" Jimin said. "We do more then that you know." I said "What is keri doing with Mel?" Tae asked "Trying on dresses for the wedding" I said as my phone beeped. I looked to see her in a purple dress that had some kind of ruffle on half the chest. "Oh is that a picture?" Tae asked coming closer to see. "What's on her chest?" Jimin asked. "Looks like some kind of ruffles. Heh her face, she doesn't like it" Tae said. "I'd like to see you match that dress with a bright purple suit" Jimin laughed. "I could pull it off" I Said. "Oh look another picture" Tae said. This time she had a navy blue dress that looked pretty on her. "She's pretty"  Tae commented. "Shouldn't she have something cover her up more?" Jimin questioned. "That would be accessories" I said. Hmm maybe I should get her a necklace to go with the dress. "I see that one is better on her then the purple" Tae said. They gave there thoughts on it before another picture, this time a black dress. It didn't look like a dress for a wedding but more to go on a date. A little black dress. "Is it black or navy?" Jimin asked. "There's a blue tint to it" he added. I had to stare at the picture longer then I should have so see that it did have blue. "Oh I bet she chooses the blue one" Jimin said making me look at him. "No the last one!" Tae said. I was with Jimin. The blue one looked good on her. "Ask her which one she chose" tae said. I stared at the two. Why did I feel like a girl talking about dresses like this? These two were at least worse then me texting her compliments and telling her their opinion. "Fine" I said sending it. "Guys let's get back to practice" Namjoon called out. "Hai" everyone yelled. We spent the next couple hours going over rehearsal together before people starts breaking off in groups to work on different things they needed to work in. I figured at the moment I could sneak out and get some caffeine in my system. At the coffee shop I ordered my drink and waited. I heard two giggling girls walk in after me and turned to see that I definitely heard that giggle right. Keri and Mel had just walked in. "You know, this means when we go in a trip we won't be single ladies anymore" Keri was telling Mel. Damn right she wasn't single. "Oh does that mean you still want to travel with me? Even if I'm a married woman?" Mel asked. "As long as you don't have kids yet" Keri said. "Oh like that will be any time soon" Mel laughed. The girls took a moment to order and when Keri started to pay I stepped in and handed my card over to the cashier. "Its on me" I said with a wink in Keri's direction. "Yoongi!" A smile spread across her face when she saw me. "Hi" Mel said. "I'm going to wait at the table for you" Mel said walking away. "Your done dress shopping?" I asked. "Yes, and finally away from Mami." She said. I got my card from the cashier and we went to the other side to wait for her coffee. "What were you two talking about?" I asked her. "Oh traveling. I told her about our Japan trip and she was telling me shes going to Hawaii for her honey moon. We got on that topic" she grinned at me as she wrapped her arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders drawing her closer to me. "See last time we had this talk we were single and remincing about who would go traveling with me if not her. Now I have you" she said. Well shit, that made me want to take her around the world With me. "I'll take you wherever you want to go" I told her. "Coffee's up" Mel said interrupting our moment. "Oh okay thanks Mel" keri said pulling away, I held onto her so she wouldn't move though. "What are you doing tomorrow?" I asked her. "Hmm, editing with Oggi. That's all. He has some suggestions to rearrange a handful of lines in my latest chapter" she said. Work, hopefully she had the night free. "Then I'm going to take you out tomorrow night" I told her. "Oh. Sounds fun" she said. "Side note. What store where you two at?" I asked. "Why? Thinking of getting a blue tux to match me?" She asked giggling. I shook my head. "Maybe" I said. She told me the name and I nodded. I wanted to kiss her, but with so many people around I held myself back. I left the coffee shop grinning as I went to the bridal shop. Inside there was so many women around and when they saw me they looked like they were fighting to get to me first. "What can I help you with sir? Are you picking out a tux?" A brunette woman approached me first, another right behind her trying not to smile. "Actually I'm wondering if you can help me. I have a picture of the dress. My girl friend was in here earlier today" I said pulling out my phone. "Oh yes sir. Can you show me the picture? We had several ladies in today trying dresses on" she said, smile faultering. I pulled out my phone ad showed her. She looked at it for several moments then nodded. "Yes I remember these ladies. They were Here earlier. Would you like to match the color of the dress she chose?" She asked "No. I want to buy this black dress for her" I said. "Okay, and do you know her size?" She asked. Size? No. Shoot how was I to know. She was able to fit in my arms so I tried imagining how big she was and when the woman started to giggle I put my hands down. "I have no idea" I sighed. "Well let me see if I can find the clerk who helped her earlier. We can check the previous dress she chose. " she said being helpful. "Thanks" I nodded. As I waited for that I took a look at the jewelry they had on display. There was a lot. I wanted to get a necklace to go with the dress for her. But she didn't wear chunky necklaces like most of these. "Sir. I have the dress" the lady came back. "Good. I'll take that and um can you match a necklace to go with it?' I asked "she likes simple, small things" I told her. "Your spoiling your girlfriend aren't you sir" she chuckled. "I guess" I chuckled too. She was going to be suprised when I gave this to her.
Oooo Yoongi is so sweet! keri is in for a big surprise!!! I feel a romantic night is going to be coming up!
gaaaaahh that was good
He's so cute, I can't wait for the next chapter! I wonder what he in store for her.
Awww....he's so sweet.
i'm so happy you did a chapter on my birthday!😍👏💕
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thank you so much!💁💕
i have no clue how i missed this chapter but i cane across this in my read later list....well this was a cute scene im sad i missed it till now