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Hello Fellow IGot7’s, We are creating a fan project to demonstrate the love we have towards Got7. However, this involves the help of many IGot7’s who are willing to participate by giving small donations to create a wave of small banners for our members to see. Our goal is to make 2,000 banners in order for each IGot7 who is attending to have one of their own. The theme we have in mind for the design is Dreamin’. This is based on the chapter 9: Dreamin’ in Houston part of a making of a short film if possible.
To those who know about this each city in which plans to contribute with this project has their own theme.
As of now we plan on using this theme as they arrive to the airport as a warm welcome and within the FanMeet in which will catch their attention and demonstrate our love and dedication towards them. Our goal is to raise $775 for 10,000 banners (2000/city). With this in mind, any type of donation counts. Whether it's $1, $5, or more, if you're willing to contribute, we guarantee you will definitely receive your own banner and be a part of our project. This event is associated with Josh Taylor, a multifandom Kpop promoter for the kpop fans of America. “Working to turn dreams into reality.” We hope you consider in contributing towards this project and enjoy it as much as we plan for it to be. I will be posting the links to the donations. After donating, please let us know your name and how much you are willing to contribute for this cause. This will allow us to identify you and give you your guaranteed banner at the event. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you there. :)