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Best of 2016: June

Kisum -No Jam

Heize -Shut Up & Groove

Babylon -Crush On You

BoA x Beenzino -No Matter What

I'm going to post a seperate card for SM Station songs but I had to include this cause it's one of my favorites and I don't think it got enough recognition. Do you guys even know BoA??

Loco x Gray -Good

Baechigi -Hang Over

All I got to say to this is lol. But naw it was super fun to watch.

Sophia Bae -Over You

Drug Restaurant -Mistake

Jung Key - I don't want

Huckleberry P -Dalmation

I forgot to mention this in my April card but I wanna bring to everyone's attention that Huckleberry P and Na Aram (singer featured in my April card) got married this year. Specifically this month I believe. Congrats to the couple and stay happy.

BEAST -Butterfly

CSP -HuaHin

Wheesung -Hold Over

As One -The Pain I Caused

Dok2 -Sprite On You

KNK -Back Again

In&Choo -Vivid Girl

San E -Sugar and Me

Tagging all of my lovelies