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Who in BTS goes to University?
We all know Jin goes to Konkuk University to study acting. Jungkook already graduated high school right? But do you know if Jungkook goes to a university? Or if any of the other members attend?
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@JaxomB yeah. kookie hasnt graduated yet. that's where a lot of the #ChristmasWithBTS memes are coming from lol
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I believe it's already been said that Jungkook is putting off Uni to work on his career.
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pretty sure he hasn't graduated yet. poor boy can't really catch a break
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Oh, really? Wow, well, that sucks! Poor kookie! :c @JaxonB @CrystalBlunt
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J-hope was in a dance school I belive with a bunch of other kpop stars, but it could have been a studio he was a member at or somthing like that. pretty sure he graduated as a dance major and was one of his teachers favorite
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