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We all know Jin goes to Konkuk University to study acting. Jungkook already graduated high school right? But do you know if Jungkook goes to a university? Or if any of the other members attend?
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@JaxomB yeah. kookie hasnt graduated yet. that's where a lot of the #ChristmasWithBTS memes are coming from lol
I believe it's already been said that Jungkook is putting off Uni to work on his career.
pretty sure he hasn't graduated yet. poor boy can't really catch a break
Oh, really? Wow, well, that sucks! Poor kookie! :c @JaxonB @CrystalBlunt
J-hope was in a dance school I belive with a bunch of other kpop stars, but it could have been a studio he was a member at or somthing like that. pretty sure he graduated as a dance major and was one of his teachers favorite