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Okay, I'm posting this because I can't seem to find people that want to buy a ticket that I don't need anymore. It's for the Anaheim concert and its day 1. It's not much. The ticket is p4, section 440 row L seat 6. I'm trying to sell it to any Army out there that hasn't gotten a ticket. If you have a ticket, please don't ask to buy this ticket. I know its not the best seat out there but, at least you'll be in the same space as our boys! For the price I'm deciding whether $127 or $133 ( the price I payed in total, it has insurance). But if you do want it, then we will decide on the price. I would prefer to meet up, just because I don't really trust paypal (Im putting ALL my trust in the ticket buyer, if you're a real army then there's nothing to worry about). So sadly this is for LA residents or even close to here.
I will be waiting! Also if you do know someone who wants a ticket, show them this card! I will decide whether to randomize choosing or just choosing the first person. Thank you!