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Just starting watching Chivalry of a Failed Knight and it's pretty awesome I really like it so far :) Now on to today's challenge :3 Today is Day 21 of the challenge and it's about your favorite uniform or outfit. I have one that's not really mentioned but some might know very well and that's

Ichigo's Nice Vibe outfit

I really love Ichigo's Nice Vibe outfit because it to me breaks the mold of what anime generally puts out which is bland color outfit with bland design as far as normal dress clothes go, and while this outfit isn't exactly bad ass designed it has some heart in it with the nice vibe on the shirt and the popping color pallets of the outfit itself. Each piece of the outfit seems to compliment something else and it's a testament to what Bleach's style was in the beginning. My other option is Aizen's outfit with the slick back hair because it's not in video games really :( you either see captain Aizen or Hogyoku Aizen which is a bit of a leap. Besides the Heat the Soul series of course :)
So who where's it best for you in Bleach? Whatever the outfit go ahead and leave a comment to let me know :) Thanks for reading Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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my. first fav outfit is the nice vibe shirt. i own the shirt in real life. my secobd is uryu vs kageroza round 1. i love the black dress shirt with the black skinny jeans. witg the white scarfs. i love scarfs
I gotta buy a nice vibe shirt :D where'd you get yours?