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So as we all know or maybe some of us don't lol but will now. Pentagon released their 2nd mini album "five senses" on Dec 7 2016. follow by some group photo shoot and some HELLA SEXY individual photo of each member and believe me when I say Hella Fine I mean Super FREAKING SEXY I mean MMMMMMMMM! they ain't even human xD ladies and gentlemen get ready to pick a bias xD jk jk.
So here we have 10 Sexy Asian man look up like they just saw Heavens light with them white as shower robes like they perching choir or something lol
but after being saints the sun has set and it's late at night and these boys have removed them halos and the Devils tails have come out because they some bad boys lol Sick as thugs! XD mafia at its finest xD
welcome lady's and possibly gentlemen to the house of 10 beautiful mannequins where you can pick from these 10 flawless figures and take him home with you ;]. look at them such beautiful and handsome man all laid out just for your pick. so come and pick your favorite one of them all.
well it be yeoOne and those smoky Eyes of his and those lips a fade shade of color or maybe the way he stares so angrily it's Sexy all at the same time ;)
maybe WooSeok? his almond shape eyes and that strong stare and those fade pink lips let's not forget he also look like the dominant type ;)
or maybe Jinho? and that Adam's apple and chisel chin. the way his tilts his head back making his neck look even more juices. ;P
or could it be E'dawn? those large soft hands that grip on tightly on his shoulder and that look of loneliness in his eyes the side view of his face making his jaw line look fresh you just might wanna kiss it ;P
or will you choose Yuto? his blue hair that bring out his eyes and smooth complexion, His long neck and Adam apple.
how about ShinWon? that side split hair style and those sweet lips those devilish eyes as he looks to the side and the way his thumb is pressed against those lips of his. I would what running around in his mind? ;P
Or How About HongSeok that lustful look that lingered in those baby blue eyes and that smirk that so Appealing. and those hands of his that look soft and that veins that pop out making it look so manly. and that soft light caramel skin tone... mmm I bet he taste like caramel too ;)
will it be kino? that bright red hair color of his or could it be that jaw line of his that catches your attention? or maybe those small plums lips? I bet their soft and warm too ;)
but wait maybe its YanAn that mysterious look and those large hands that black hair of his that bring out his eyes. he looks so bad yet so good, doesn't he?
or will it be Hui? is it his big full LUSHES lips of his, those sadden tender eyes that glisten and those long eyelashes. or maybe those cute pierced ears or could it be that tender neck that look bite-able even his jaw line look appealing.
so tell me who's your favorite? but! be careful when you chose because therea always one of them that will come around and make you rethink your choose whats it called again? a bias? a bias wreck? oh that right A Bias wrecker so be careful with yo list because pentagon is about to wreck it ;]
will that it for today hope you all enjoyed my card (^///^) Tagging all my Penta-Stan PENTA-STAN TAGLIST @karinamiranda81 @AimeeH @Josyy7 @axosrain   @sukkyongwanser  @MelissaGarza  @KpopBeat if you'd like to be tag in the Penta-Stan Taglist comment "taggy me" below thank you ^__^
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Why choose?
because lol each one cost about $1050060000003652000
@JaxomB couldn't agree more 😭 they're all coming for me ahhhhh
lol xD
It's a tough choice to make but Yuto keeps talking to me 😍
lol xD talk to me baby talk to me xD I'm sorry I had too xD
Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god!!!!! They all look so good!!!! Which one am I going to pick!?!?!?! I need to be careful about a choice for this group 😫
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He's definitely one of them who's been trying to get me to fall for him. Like seriously, how can you not feel something for him when he's looking at you like that!?! 😍
Crap instant blue hair drawn..... I think my mind chose before I even realized it.
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@JadeOwens lol xD
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