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(if you are not old enough to read this... or get away with reading it.... don't read it... I did warn ya. ) -

Reader & handsome Duckie

- Oh the weather outside is smutful But the fire is so slutful And since we've no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow It doesn't show signs of stopping And I've brought some corn for popping The lights are turned way down low Let it smuy, let it smut, let it smut
"haha stop... that tickles..." I was in a rented cabin's kitchen making hot chocolate, as my loving man' Ju Kyung (Ugly Duck). We were here with his crew, which made me think he would behave himself. Fail... He came into the kitchen, pretending to be hungry for food. But he turn around, snaked his arms around my waist and started to lightly kiss my neck. "Oh come on I'm hungry." He whimpered, but deepen his tone when he said 'hungry'. He was interrupt though from his attempt to turn me on, when Min Taek came into the kitchen. "The snow had made a turn for the worse.... were snow imn. So no snowboarding today. I pouted as Ju Kyung hummed. I sulked as I finish the hot chocolates. Ju Kyung pulled away from me, to lean against the counter. "Bae, I'm sorry... I know how much you wanted to go snowboarding." I looked up at him and peck his lips. "Its alright, I guess I'll just be your snow bunny." Ju Kyung smirked as he lightly touch my arm. "when can I play with my bunny?" I just laugh and shook my head. "Help me carry these to the other Santa Naughty." He chuckled, whilst helping me carry trays of hot chocolate to everyone. They gladly took them from us, before we could place any of them doen on the coffee table. I turn to look at Ju Kyung, and smiled when I saw he had two in hand. He handed one of the hot chocolates over to me, and I kissed his cheek, to thank him. We were disscussing about what to do now since we had to cancel our dinner plans as well. I yawn after finishing my hot chocolate. "Aw is my snow bunny sleepy?" Ju Kyung teased me for my comment in the kitchen, as I took his finish mug from him. "Ne, think imma call it a night." I wave to everyone, before making a detour to the kitchen. I was sharing a room with my bae, Ju Kyung, on the first floor. So I didnt minde the detour. When I enter the bedroom, after cleaning the two mugs, I see Ju Kyung sitting on the bed. "I'm here to keep you warm." I just shook my head, and walked over to him. I knew full well hia version of 'keep warm' was code for screw you til you feel like its summer. "You really aren't gonna behave are you?" He shook his head. As his hands lay on my waist, the monent I was in front of him. "Let me put you to sleep properly, y/n." I just answer him with a soft kisss. I then stripped for him, watching him lick his lips. He was hella thirsty now, more than before. I walked over to staddle his lap, and pulled his shirt off. "No getting mad at me for muffling my moans." He didn't argue, as he moved us, so I was laying down, head on the pillows, with blanket already turn down. He quickly removed his pants' boxers and cap. "yeobo, lets not be vanilla tonight." He arch an eyebrow, ad I turn over to be on all fours. Made it easier for me to muffle my moans. He slap my behind, resulting in a soft moan. Since I bit my lip to cover up my yelp of pain. "My snow bunny is so clever." Ju Kyung rubbed his hands along my booty, as he teased my womanhood with his candycane. I burried my face into the pillow, the moment he slip inside of me. He took it slow on me, as he rubbed my back. I lifted my head up, to look behind him. "Though you wanted to put me to sleep." I teased him, resulting in an unbelievable punishment. "Oh I'll put you ti sleep." Ju Kyung slap my rear again, for me to burry my face in a pillow again. He then pick up on of my legs, and started hammering inside of me. "ah! fxxk! Ju Kyung oppa!" I moan his name into the pillow, as I grabbed hit firmly. My hips started bouncing in sync with his own. He pulled my leg a bit, to have it rest on his shoulder. I turn to look at him, and see he highly please with himself. He winked before hammering away again. I quickly grabbed the pillow and bit into it, as the waves of pleasure started to make me feel high. I couldn't take it anymore, and my body started to warm up. "" I noticed he was reaching his climax by his facial expression. "Ah y/n, You feel way too good right now." He bit his lip as he slam into my core once more. My. mind went blanket in seconds, as the warm pleasure took over. We were both panting heavily, as he slowly pulled out, and lay my leg back down. Ju Kyung then lay beside me, whilst bring the blankets up to cover us both. "Should of play with me before we came here. Then maybe I would of behaved." I turn to face him, so I could glare, but his kissed my forehead. "Sweet dream my beautiful y/n." He knew just how to make md not mad at him in seconds. I snuggled up to him, as his arms held me close. "Night Ju Kyung oppa."
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Lmao at that intro!! You and Craig are bugging!!