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Pentagon? Sex appeal?
dear lord we are praying to you because these 10 boys are out to get me amen
that right you read it right pentagon sex appeal lol they looking Sexy af I kid you not xD watch let me prove it to you and show you some photos of them being all Sexy and shizzz. so let get started!~
1st photo: Okay not gonna lie but! I legit thought for a split second that it was jonghyun from Shinee lol you can't tell me you don't see it 2nd photo: so like.... kinda thought it was ren from nu'est lol seriously I need glasses or something because these new rookies be love child's of other idols xD Why you got plastic on your fast boi! XD 3rd photo: is having plastic in front of your face the thing now? is it trending bae wtf you doing xD
1st photo: kino is a male stripper in this picture someone pull the sting so the bucket of water could fall already lol that all that missing in this picture 2nd photo: YanAn is in some deep as thought... do notdistribute... probably thinking if he remembered to delete the borrowing history from HongSeok laptop last night xD 3rd photo: Yuto why you all sweaty and looking Hella stress? ... low key kinda wanna be that chair right now... 4th photo: sweety no please do not put your chin on that chair, other peoples butt been on that... come, come and rested on my lap *wink wink* no I'm just kidding lol or am I? they all look freaking Sexy on those chair LIKE THEY READY READY TO GIVE YOU A LAP DAY OR SOMETHING ... excuse my yelling
me: TELL ME THEY AIN'T FINE! TELL ME! I'M READY! random human: their not- me: STFU YOU IS CRAZY AND NEED GLASS! YOU NEED JESUS IN YO HEART... asdfgjkljhfdsfhsk their so beautiful my eyes my heart my ovaries it hurts!
photo #1: why you on the floor like that? why are there some build a block through around you? why you looking so adhdoafjdlsjaffs? photo #2: why are your feets on the wall? why are you wearing dem leather pants? why you gotta be so damn mmm!? can I sit on you now.... WHAT?! Photo #3: excuse me! your button unshirt..... wait what?... I mean.... your chest... why... I can't even... photo #4: omg imagine coming home and seeing that! like boi! I'll jump on you.... asdfgkhshjs photo #5: why is the room messy like that? why you on floor like that?! WHY YOU GOTTA DO ME LIKE THAT?! please tell me why is your hand on your crotch?
photo #1: look at that cute smile of his though! photo #2: how the fuck did woooseok go from awe cute too call me daddy?
Yuto get off the damn table boi! you goddamm cat like thing... Hella fine.... no I don't wanna do it on the table tonight
photo #1: why are your hands on his face? photo #2: why are the two of you smiling like that while laying on that bed? photo #3: why is WooSeok looking Hella mad while YanAn smirking devilish like photo #4: I ship! photo #5: OMFG NO! photo #6: asdfgkhshjs OTP? photo #7: look at those two xD yuto: aye I like your hair kino: I like your hair too bro xD photo #8: DEM SMILES photo #9: I FREAKING SHIP!!!!
Welp That it! tell me what you think? Sexy or Nah if you say nah you blinded af lol jk hope you all enjoyed and like this cute smiling pictures of YanAn lol
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This is a crime. Why do these pictures exist
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10 months ago
Ok I think it's block 6 or 7 picture 4 burgundy gray jacket who the hell is that I thought of Jaejoong for a second
10 months ago·Reply
the one with the doves on his jacket? that yeoOne
10 months ago
They are so cute.
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