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Hello ladies and gentlemen how are you doing good? That's good well I'm here again with another chapter hope you are ready? well let's begin. have a nice read.
Mystery Boy POV It's was time to go home, I looked at Jackson and Y/N hugging kissing each other. I didn't waste time to see more of this. Normal I would say goodbye to Jackson but I hate him right to even look at him. I was so mad seeing them kissing that when I was walking pass them, I purposely bumped in to him. I made him bumped head with her. "Hey! Dude watch were you going next time." "Sorry, Jackson I didnt mean to, I slipped." I walked away with an evil smile on my face. It felt good to see him mad, I wanna see more of that anger. I turned and looked at the room one last time before I went home. **In his head.** One day Jackson I'm taking your girl. and there nothing you can do about it.
Jackson POV I looked at him like he was crazy. I wonder why he been acting crazy lately. Y/N grabbed my face to see if my head was okay. "You don't have a bruise." She kiss my forehead and smiles at me. I love it when she smiles. It's makes all my worries go away. "I love you. Do you know that?" She smiled and laughed. "Come on so I can take you home." I grabbed her hand and walked out. I walked home to her apartment that only stays a few blocks away from me. When I found out she was moving to Korea for me. I wanted her to stay by my the dorm so I can see her every day. I know her code to her house and walked in. I still have her hands in mines when I walked in. I turned around and begin to kiss her. I love the feeling of her lips in my mines. She rap her arms around my neck and kiss me back. We stood there kiss for its seems like hours but on two minutes. I grabbed her hands and went to the bedroom. We begin to kiss like we was crazy animals the minutes we stepped in her bedroom. I didn't wait to begin to undress her as I felt her soft body. I love the way her body feels. I groped her breasts as I was using my other taking off her bra. It didn't take me long to take her bra off. I looked at her chest as if I was a baby that wanted milk. I grabbed on of her breast and begin to lick on nibble. Her soft moans begin to come out of mouth as I licked harder. I kissed her all over her body, as I when to her pants. I unbelted her pants and pulled them down. Her cute pink panties that I love so much. I didn't hesitate to pull down her panties either. It didn't take me long to begin to kiss her soft lips. She grabbed my hair and pulled as I lick my way to her sexiness. She scream so loud the neighbor could have come knocking. I licked and sucked until she released herself. I came up and layed her down on the bed. I didn't waste no time taking my clothes off. I spread her legs as I put my member to her opening. She stopped me and looks at me. "Jackson please put on a condom." I stopped and I looked at her. I was so busy trying to get in side her that I almost forgot to use a condom. I open my wallet and saw I didn't have none. Until I realized I found some on BamBam bed and took one. I grabbed my pants to pull out the condom when I saw a stuff penguin. "Where did you get this penguin?" She left her had and looked at it. "Yugyeom gave to me on my birthday two years ago. Now hurry up and start." I looked at it as it was looking at me. I didn't care that she had it. I turn around and ripped the condom package and put it on. I spread her legs and push it in deep and slowly. She put her hands on back and started to scratch my back. I knew then that she wanted it hard and fast. Her juices begin flowing like a water fall. I couldn't handle any long and release in the condom. But when I, I felt something wasn't right. I pulled out and saw that the condom as broke. "Oh shit!" She was breathing hard as she left up her head and saw it. "Did it just break? Or did it break while to was inside me?" I didn't know if it did but I just looked at her.
Mystery Boy POV I saw the look in their face when they saw that the condom broke. I had a smile on my face. **Two nights ago** I was laying on my bed listening to music. Jackson was sitting on the floor, while Mark went to the bathroom. "Hey I'm about to go get something to snack, want any thing?" He asked me, I shook my head no. He left to the kitchen. I saw his wallet on the floor. I took it, I looked in. I saw he had a few wons but then I saw he had condoms. I took them out. I grab a sewing needle. I grabbed, I took one and poke a hole in it. I made it so it can break. I heard foot steps coming towards our bedroom that I hurry and put it under me. I saw it was JB walking pass. I got up knowing that Jackson was going to see it and take it. **Present.** I just enjoyed this, just imagine how he going to act if she gets pregnant. He would be in some shit. I can't wait for the drama to begin. I sat back and looked at her body. I joyed looking at her. One day I'm making her mines. I just need to prove something.
Woo what was that. who is that mystery boy? Why is he messing with Jackson like that? Do you have an idea who it's is? If you do comment and I might just tell y'all lol. @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkinchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Lilbr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind@RedChord@AmberFranco@SierraBecerra@Lizzie26@Jupnoor@SugalessJams@AndreaImnida@JessicaFigueroa@Twistedeto@merryjayne13@MsLoyalHeart@SarahVanDorn@Karinajune1017@Orihemay@NiahriTaylor@Sammie9952@Sassymaknae@Koinii@Chenisbaekasy@BtsxExo
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