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Ummmm Hey there Mark ☺️, What Can I say to the LA born member ? I do know I love the way you look at your family. The love you have for your mom and dad are so bittersweet. I love that about you. I love the way you have a special relationship with each member of the group. I know you value them each with you're whole heart. I remember the first time I got your name right. I was like so he is the one from America and then paired it with Jackson. I love your sense of style too. You can wear almost anything and rock it. I also want to say of how proud I am of you for how you handled the incident this past Summer. You are so mature. And a great role model for younger kids to look up too. I love you for you......Please never stop being Markie Pooh.... An AghasΓ¨ Kala πŸ’™