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Word Count: 1014
(Y/n)'s POV:
He looked like he was debating on something as he stared at us. I knew what I felt and I wasn’t going to hesitate anymore, I was going to win him back no matter what. Without thinking properly, I walked over to Jungkook grabbed his face and when I saw no protest in his eyes, I kissed him. Moments later his arms are wrapped around me tightly. I didn’t hear Yoongi anymore, at least not near us, but I could hear a door slam down the hall.
Jungkook’s POV:
I saw Jin let her in and she went straight to Suga’s room. I stood at the door, regret filling my heart and mind. Letting her go was the worst mistake I have ever made and now she’s in there talking with Yoongi. I haven’t slept since she left. I missed he every second. I don’t want her to stop loving me. I hated myself for not even tell he that I love her… I feel like I’m going to lose her… as she stands in that room with him, doing who knows what. I walked away from the door and sat down in the living room. I waited until I heard the door open. I wasn’t going to let her leave again.
Yoongi’s POV:
I’m not one to give up on this that easily… I had feelings for her for the longest time and it took me a long time to realize it… even if I was stupid enough to wait for her to get in a relationship with Kookie. I wasn’t going to let go that easy. I can’t just move on like she did…I had to come up with a plan, but where do I start? Suddenly I got a call from an unknown number on my cell phone. I took the call, “Who is this?” “Someone who can help you with your little problem,” the female voice on the other end answered. “And how can you help me with my problem?” I asked curiously. I listened intently to her plan. “Okay, but what’s in it for you?” I heard her little evil giggle on the other end of the phone. “Jungkook, of course…” I pondered on the thought of him being out of the way. I hated the thought of ruining our friendship, but I got the image of (Y/n) the day I confessed to her and what happened when she tried to wake me up. It just fueled the fire that burned in my heart…
(Y/n)’s POV:
It has been a few weeks after everything happening. During practice, I got a call from Jungkook, but I couldn’t answer it because the choreographer got on to me for not paying attention. I had to wait until our break during practice to call him back. I checked my phone and saw that he left me a text message saying “Hey, You up for dinner tonight?” I smiled as I felt butterflies in my stomach, just like when we first started dating. “Yeah, your turn to choose where… I get off at six, so any time after that is good…” I replied. “Okay, pick you up at your place at eight?” “Sounds good to me…” there was a slight delay in replies and then I got a message saying “I miss you…” I smiled and felt my stomach do a flip. “I miss you, too…” I put down the phone and went back to practice quickly before I got in trouble with the choreographer again.
I danced my heart out, felling more energy than I had before. Excitement flowed over me as I completed practice and got ready for my date tonight.
Yoongi’s POV:
“Maybe we should be doing this…” “Yoongi… don’t back out on me now…” Kat said with a pout. “This doesn’t fell right… we should just leave them along…” “And both of them stay with the person they were not supposed to be with? I don’t think so… I just... I just can’t live without him any longer…” Kat had my face between her palms. Her lips in that annoying pout she always uses to get her way… I sighed. “They’re happy with each other… if you really like Jungkook, you would let him be happy… that’s why I can’t do this…” I started to walk away from her, but she grabbed my arm and I turned to look at her, but she said nothing. In her eyes, I could see a pit of sorrow…just like the same feeling as I felt seeing her with him. “Please, Yoongi… if you won’t do this for me at least do this for yourself…” she paused and looked into my eyes. “You deserve to be with her… I mean she love or loved you, too. You of all people would know it’s not that easy to fall out of love with someone…”
I paused and looked at the ground. “I still don’t think this is that necessary.” I looked down at the clothes that Kat required me to wear. A nice, gray suit and tie, something that I would never wear on a casual occasion. She, herself, looked like she was wearing a high dollar, red dress and a pair of high heels. “Oh, come on… you look great…” She smiled, rubbing my chest, knowing that I had gave in to her plan. I sighed. “What is with the grumpy face?” She asked pinching one of my cheeks, trying to get me to smile. I gave her a glare, grabbing her wrist in irritation and she stopped with a surprised look on her face. “Don’t… touch… my face…” I paused. “As soon as this plan goes through… I don’t want any contact with you… I mean never again.” Her playful mood became serious suddenly and she pulled her hand away. “Fine, just don’t screw tonight…” She gave me a look that kind of scared me a little and it take a lot to do that. I watched her walk off a little before I started to follow her again.
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Oh come on just walk away from Kat she's evil