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Dear to my shorty Jackson, I know how it is being the shortest of the group. I've learned and lived it all my life. I think that's one thing I love about you. You don't let it get you. You are soooooooo very sassy as myself. We have that in common also. Known as the king and Queen of sass. Thats the thing I love about you the most. You also are quite loud and have this adorable little laugh. One thing I think of when I think of Jackson Wang is his love for his mother. You do anything for her and it shows in every aspect of what you do of how much you love her. I admire you for that so much. You have many talents from knowing many languages, to fencing, to all the flips, to your rapping and singing, and lastly dancing that you're good at. They make you, you! I also know you worry about us iGot7s so much to healthy and go to school. Well I worry about you that you are well too. I hope you rest. I love how caring you are for us and the boys. Take care of them. And never forget who you are..Jackson Love an Aghasรจ..... Kala ๐ŸŒบ