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Dear Jaebum, Hi there JB! I want to first say thank you for never giving up on our boys. I know they can be a hand full but I know in my heart you were placed as leader for a reason. I love that you have never given up. You are there through everything. I remember how jackson said since you all now live together in the room that you all have good talks. Thank you for listening to them. I sympathize with you for that. I knew you grew up on the farm with you're parents and you have it inside you to be a hard worker and never give up. That is a great skill to have. It shows through you beautiful voice I enjoy hearing. I love you can a wrecker sometimes. You try to steal my heart sometimes with you're cuteness and big heart you have for the boys. Never lose it. Always be true to yourself Jb. I love you. An Aghasè.... Kala 🌺🌺