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It's been too long :[
@JohnLee Hahaha! Oh, seriously. I'm cracking up. That's not a bad idea. Your future kids will have a treasure trove of games by then. Dungeon Defenders is SO much fun! It's one game I can pick up anytime and it's so much fun in multiplayer since it's co-op. @KevinBillings You can send them to me. I can also add it to the games collecting dust on my shelf. :-P @nshen1 Yes, I feel that way at times too. I've been playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong on and off lately.
I sometimes find it difficult to pick up new titles... it's always so much easier to enjoy the updated version of Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, or even heck, Halo over all the fancy hardcore games at times.
I was once a gamer but age set in so now my fav games.. are collecting dust..can someone help?
@yinofyang yeah i pretty much have not touched any of them... i don't even know off the top of my head what games I have! I have Dungeon Defenders too! I don't even know why I bought that one... and all of the old Sega games too! I think I just buy all these games for my kids in the future to play... hopefully Steam never goes bankrupt...
@JohnLee Your comment made me lol. I have a lot of games backlogged. Either I've started and not completed or that I haven't touched yet. Let's see, I have: Portal 2 Co-op Mode, Terraria, Dragon Age, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Saint's Row 3, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect 3 (second playthrough), Orcs Must Die! 2, Dungeon Defenders, Torchlight 2 (3rd playthrough), and many more! Lol!!! You're so funny, so all these games you bought, you haven't played a single one yet?
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