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Hi guys! I hope everyone has a lovely day today!

It has been brought to my attention that many people have different likes and tastes and for that, I am going to be making various taglists. The main reason, is simply because I know that people might not want to be tagged in a particular card, story, etc. while they might want to be tagged in something else. Basically I will be making more than one Taglist, and down below are going to be various lists, I will be making.

⚜Main tag list

In this list, I will add it into every card I post. I will post about anything and everything, whether it'd be quotes, movies, Kpop (girl and boy groups), stories, etc.

⚜ Stories

I am a writer, and stories will be posted. I write fan fiction, regular stories, poems, etc. I dont particularly stick with one genre. I also write: girlxgirl boyxboy girlxboy •Note: please specify if you just want to be tagged in one thing or not. I know that not a lot of people like to be tagged in smut, so please let me know about that as well.
Current story(ies): 27 Days. {Amber Liu x Reader} {{I will be posting a smut related series. the original authors are from tumblr, so I don't take Credit for it.

⚜ Boy related groups

I love anything and everything boy group, and i can't specify who I will post about, but it will be the following; » BTOB » GOT7 » BTS » VIXX » WINNER » BEAST » Suju » EXO » Pentagon » NCT » Block B » BAP >> Male soloists, actors, etc will be included.

⚜ Girl related groups

Like boy groups, girl groups also have stolen my heart. This is just a small list that I am for sure posting about; ≥ Mamamoo ≥ BLACKPINK ≥ F(x) ≥ Sistar ≥ GG ≥ TWICE ≥ Sonamoo ≥ EXID ≥ The Ark ≥≥ Female soloists and actors will be posted about as well.

I will be starting a mini segment where I will be introducing soloists, bands, groups, all mostly relating to Kpop. so if you would like to be tagged in that as well, please let me know.

I hope you guys don't mind, but can you tag your lists? It may sound a bit selfish, but I really want to interact with more people. Thank you!
Quote (lyrics) of the card; I'm never happy like we were happy I'm never sad like we were sad Oh, you'll be the end of me You know me all too well And I can't suppress the memories You're gone and I can tell That I've lost more than you'll ever see —A Day To Remember, End Of Me.
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All please!!!!
@stephaniepoore am with you ill like to be add in all the tag list
All of them, please!
keep on all your lists...girl you know I love your cards
I've only made four cards... ahah, but thank you!
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