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Here's my submission for the Holiday Fanfic Contest.
Storias, I don't mean to upset you since the absence of History's leader, Song Kyungil, is still fresh in our hearts but hopefully this helps ebb the pain ;D
Happy reading!
“Y/N, why haven’t you called or text me back?”
I don’t need to turn around as his familiar voice shakes me to my core. I stare wide-eyed at my desktop and realize he’ll see what’s on my computer screen. I hurriedly try to exit out of it.
“Well?” he says, this time his voice is closer. Right by my ear. My attempts at trying to exit only make me fumble and pull up different programs.
He spins me around in my chair and I’m facing these brown eyes and can’t help noticing the single dot on his nose. He peers around me, taking a glance at the screen, before drawing his eyes back to mine. I instantly melt.
“What are you doing watching our Christmas song?” he grins, indicating History’s cover of “All I Want for Christmas.”
I gulp, “Well, I was in the Christmas spirit. And I just fell in lov--I adore it.”
He lifts an eyebrow.
“Your harmonies are flawless,” I try to explain. “It’s just so…so…” I stutter, the exact word just fading away.
He chuckles as he plants a kiss on my forehead.
“Those were the days,” he says and pulls me up. “Get dressed. You’re still going with me.”
“Y/N, you’re looking beautiful,” he says, grasping my hand and he kisses the back of it before plunging our hands into his coat pocket.
I blush as we head down the sidewalk. It’s chilly but the first snow has yet to fall. I look up at the sky. Instead of stars Christmas lights flicker from the lights strung in the branches of the trees.
“Christmas is so beautiful,” I sigh. “I hope I’m dressed right since you won’t tell me where we’re going,” I say, pulling my coat tighter to fight the chill.
“Don’t worry, you are,” he smiles down at me. His smile alone is one to send me reeling and I have to grasp his hand tighter to keep from floating away.
We join his fellow band mates: Dokyun, Sihyoung, Jaeho, and Yijeong at a bar and have ourselves some drinks.
“Happy Birthday, hyung!” Yijeong toasts.
“But my birthday was last week,” Kyungil says, confused. “Did he have too much to drink already?” he asks Dokyun, who shakes his head.
“I know, we know. But still,” Yijeong says. “Some of us couldn’t make it last week so let’s make tonight both a birthday and a going away celebration!”
The realization sets into us as we all note why we’re here. It’s Kyungil’s farewell before he leaves us for his service.
“Okay,” Kyungil says, breaking the silence with his smile “Sounds good to me.” We all cheer back up as we all clink our glasses.
They needed this. To be with their leader and friend, before…
I sigh as it hits me again. I try my best to push it aside and not think about it. But Kyungil’s enlistment has crept up on us. I look up and see the History guys smiling, laughing, and drinking to him. Kyungil’s handsome smile easily replaces my sad thoughts. He looks down at me and pulls me close as Yijeong brings a cake to the table.
The candles glimmer as Dokyun begins the birthday song and the others join in. Their voices are so beautiful as they fall into a harmony I can imagine is habit and familiar. Kyungil’s eyes light up and I detect his shyness surface as all attention is on him. I join in on the song and at the end he blows out his candles.
“What did you wish for?” Jaeho asks.
“You know you can’t say or it won’t come true,” Kyungil laughs.
“A swift two years? Speedy promotions?” Sihyoung jokes.
“No, I bet it was for sweet, Y/N to steal him away from us so he can have all the time he can spend with her,” Dokyun says, hugging my shoulders to him.
A heat burns in my cheeks as I blush.
I watch his band mates smile at his comment and I perk up, “No, Dokyun. This is where he belongs. With his brothers.”
“Well, aren’t you a sweet one?” Jaeho smiles. “Do you have a sister or a friend for me?”
“A girlfriend’s the last thing you need,” Sihyoung playfully nudges Jaeho as we laugh at his expense. “But in all seriousness,” Sihyoung takes up his drink and says, “To friendship.”
The rest of us follow suit as we all raise our drinks.
“To Storia!” Yijeong shouts.
“Storia,” the boys say in unison.
“And,” Kyungil adds, “To lo—relationships,” he says, giving me a side smile and kissing my forehead.
I cover my mouth. Did he almost say Love? It’s such a strong word. We haven’t even said it to one another!
Jaeho shakes his head, “Not all of us have found that yet. But thanks, hyung, for setting the bar so high.”
We laugh, clink our glasses, and drink.
“So what did you get for the birthday boy? Anything special?” Dokyun asks me.
“I wish I did. But Kyungil made me promise I not get him a single thing,” I confess and they all look to their leader.
“What kind of request is that?” Jaeho asks.
Kyungil smiles, clearly hiding something behind his mischievous grin.
Sihyoung lifts an eyebrow and they go back to joking with me and Kyungil. As the night dies down and the hour draws late we say our goodbyes. Kyungil pulls them aside one by one and has a word with them. He then gathers them all into a group hug. I step away to give them a moment. Kyungil’s voice is low as he says something to them and we leave.
“Are you sure you want to leave now? We could stay longer?”
“They understand. Besides we can’t miss it,” he takes my hand and I’m pulled behind him to the park.
The city is alive as we make our way to the stunning lights of the Christmas festival. The night is freezing yet I’m warm from the grasp of his large hands enclosing mine. He squeezes my hand and hooks it into his arm. I look up at him. He’s so tall and charming. I’ll miss him so much! I look away and bite my lip. The pain takes the attention away from my wanting to cry.
“What a sight, huh?” he sighs, amazed at the view.
I shove away my thoughts and try to focus on the stunning display.
“It’s breathtaking,” I answer. “I’ve never seen so many lights.”
I feel his eyes on me. Instead of turning toward him, to confirm it, I look the other way.
“They all like you, you know?” Kyungil says.
“Hmm?” I turn back to him.
“My History brothers, they like you. They say I’ve never been happier,” his tone of voice is shy as he looks away.
“Well, that’s a relief. I was worried I’d take too much of your time from them before you…” I trail off.
He stands before me blocking my view of the bright lights as they make a glow around his body. His brown eyes peer down at me. I am beyond captivated.
“Is that why you’ve been avoiding me?” he asks.
I manage to break away from those eyes, “In part, yes.”
“And the other part?”
I swallow, “Your leaving.”
“You know it can’t be helped. I must go.”
“I know. But some small part of me thought it’d be a dream I’d wake up from.”
He brought my chin up, “Silly girl. But I love the thought behind it. Come on, let’s enjoy this while we have it.”
He stands behind me as he wraps his arms around my waist and we watch the lights outshine the sun and vibrant colors that could make flowers jealous.
After we take in our fill of the light show we walk our way back home.
I sigh, “Kyungil, I was stupid for avoiding you. And I lost precious time to spend with you!” I say, angry with myself.
He stops, smiles, and says, “Yeah, you were mostly nice this year. You could have even got presents for it. But this week just put you on the naughty list. I think a punishment has to be made.”
I look up at him, my mouth open and eyes wide.
He laughs and the sound of his laugh magnifies given the street we’re on is fairly quiet.
“Y/N, don’t worry about any of that now. We still have now and...tonight.”
Before I can shove him he says, “Look, it’s finally snowing!”
I gaze up to the sky. The street lights capture the flakes falling like diamonds. They drift onto my face and I feel tinges of cold on my forehead, cheeks, and lips. I close my eyes and breathe deeply. A breeze blows past and my face feels refreshed.
“I’ve always seen snow every year,” he starts. “But this time, it’s even more special.” I open my eyes and see him looking down at me. I’m reminded of where we are and get self-conscious. He shakes his head and lifts my chin up.
“The flakes melting on your face, you having fun, it all makes you even more beautiful. I want to remember this,” he sighs. His face is so close to mine I can feel his breath on me.
“You still want to give me a birthday present?” he asks, drawing back.
“Uh, I guess,” I say, caught off guard from his change of subject, “I mean, yes. I would like to.”
He smiles, “Okay, I want one thing from you well, make that two…” he playfully grins. “But the first thing is twofold; you must promise me that you’ll take care of yourself while I’m gone. I want to know that you’ll be okay. I’ve asked Sihyoung, Dokyun, everyone, to keep an eye on you for me. But in turn, you must watch over them for me as well. Dokyun will help but he sometimes forgets to take care of himself. So help me out with that all right?” He smiles. “I want to return to a healthy and happy family.”
“Is this your birthday wish? I would have done that for you without you even asking me to.”
“It ties into my wish. But yes, it’s something I’d like. For the people I love to be happy.”
My breath catches when I hear him say ‘love.’ Surely he means his friends and family. And how we love spending time together?
“Consider it done. I won’t fail you,” I say.
“Thank you,” he hugs me. “Now let’s get home. The last thing we need is to get sick.”
“Turn on your baby tree,” Kyungil says, bringing over two mugs of hot cocoa from the kitchen.
I had just emerged from the bedroom after changing into my pajamas and was tying up my hair.
“You just enjoy mocking my tree don’t you?” I smile as I reach for the switch on my sad little excuse of a Christmas tree sitting on top of a table. It lights up and I take a second to admire the tiny lights wrapped around its branches and the star crowning it.
My attention is drawn away as a tune fills the silence of the living room. It’s coming from his phone as a video plays on it. It’s the video he had caught me watching earlier.
Before I can say a word, Kyungil begins to sing alongside the video. His voice is indescribably beautiful and I start to sway alongside it. I can’t believe my luck. My own concert.
I restrain myself as I hold myself and watch him every second of the song.
He finishes and I clap and hold in a squeal of delight.
“You liked it?” he ruffles his hair.
“Are you kidding me!? I loved it!” I exclaim.
“It’s your Christmas present, all I needed to find out was what song you wanted me to sing,” he tucks my hair behind my ear. “It’s what I wished for. For my loved ones to be happy,” he says, cupping my cheeks in his warm hands. “Yes,” he continues, “Y/N, I love you.”
A warmth takes over my heart and I smile up at him, “I love you too, Kyungil!” I say.
He leans forward and wraps his arms around me, pulling me toward him. His lips press against mine. My breath gets stolen away as he gives me one kiss after another. Finally, he leans his forehead against mine, his eyes closed.
He whispers, “Now,” his eyes open as he stares at my eyes, “For part two of my wish.”
My eyes widen.
He takes my hand and we leave the living room for the bedroom.

Happy Holidays!

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