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I can't believe how good this game is doing. Thank you to the people who have STUCK(no pun intended hehe) with this game. I've tried real hard to keep this game going and I'm just grateful. Anyways, let's find out what your lovers got you for Christmas!!!!

Stocking #1

Charm Bracelet

Your fingers knew what it was before you even pulled it out. You smiled at your lover who returned it warmly. You pulled the bracelet out and put on and hugged your lover.

Stocking #2


You couldn't contain your excitement as your pulled the small box out. You screamed when you opened it. The earrings were beautiful and you ran into your lover's arms!

Stocking #3

Diamond Ring

You gasped as you pulled the little black box out, you opened it and couldn't control the tears. It was an diamond ring! Your lover smiled and hugged you from behind, " I knew you would like it." @NicoleFireRose @bapastro @resavalencia @TerraToyaSi @abnmp76 @Keldra

Stocking #4

An Apron?!

Your lover laughed as you pulled out the apron. Part of you was annoyed but you couldn't help but smirk yourself. Soon you were letting out bursts of laughter along with your lover. You wouldn't forget this tho xD
*you're shownu lol*
Day 4?! Already?!!! Well we have our presents, which we're all happy about I hope, but who exactly are you spending Christmas with? Find out below!!
Cause I'm nice...I 'll go ahead and tell you the choices that are hidden
the rest of Monsta X
pets(cats or dogs)
Choose wisely!!
Choose an ugly sweater to find out who'll you be spending Christmas with

Ugly Sweater #1

Ugly Sweater #2

Ugly Sweater #3

Only one more day left!!!!! Thanks again to you guys for playing :)
Thank you so much for doing this. :) It's been a lot of fun! :D I will also pick #2. :P
Okay so Hyungwon got me a Diamond Ring. He apparently loves Endless Ramen. Ugly Sweater #1 because damn that is ugly.
I'm afraid of children. But #1 is the ugliest one!!! I hope it's MX!!! You love me right?!?! Your gonna give me Monsta X?!?!
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That's so ominous!!! I kind of like it (if I was the outsider and it wasn't happening to me)
Haha thank you for the charm bracelet, Kihyun. Personally, I would have preferred the apron....Just kidding 😂😂 Hmm I'll go with #3 for the ugly sweater.
hahahaha I knew it!! Oh Shownu got me an apron!!! Best lover ever Hahaha ♡♡♡ I choose #1 :)
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