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Hey everyone it's Jenny. This is my oneshot for the contest. It's a winter oneshot. I'll post the other part later today.
Kyungil X Reader Six months ago “Ya! Kyungil give me my phone back!” We went to have a picnic in the park. Kyungil took my phone after I snapped a picture him. “Aw. Look how cute your selfies look.” He says, swiping to see more pictures. “You should send me these. They look so cute.” I snatch my phone out of his hand. “Aww why are you mad?” He says. “Hmph” “Please forgive me.” He makes puppy eyes. “Why do you give me puppy eyes.” I tell him. He looks so cute when he does that. “You forgive me then.” He says, smiling. We lay down next to each other and look at the clouds. “Y/N?” He says. “Mm.” “What would you do if I left?” “Ya! What kind of question is that? You better not leave me Song Kyungil.” “I don't plan on leaving you, don't worry.” “Hm. If you left, I think I would cry a river. I would be sad forever.” “I'll make sure that never happens.” He tells me and kisses my cheek. “You pinky promise?” I tell him “So cute. I pinky promise.” We lock our pinkies together. Present (December 4) I was going over with the guys to go and see Kyungil. They were always rehearsing and practice, but today was their day off and I wanted to see Kyungil. “Hi, Kyungil.” I tell him and hug him. “Hey, Y/N.” He kisses me temple. “Hey, Y/N.” The rest of the guys says. “Hey.” “What are you guys going to do?” Yijeong asks. “Hm. I don't know.” Kyungil tells him. “Let's go play with the snow.” I tell Kyungil. “Yea lets go.” “Do you guys want to come with us?” I ask them. “No. It's fine.” Sihyoung says. “You two go and have fun.” Dokyun says. We get our jackets, our hat, gloves, and snow boots and go outside. We have a snowball fight and build a snowman. Once we go inside, we sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate. “This is the best day ever.” I tell him. He kisses my forehead. “I know.” December 5 Kyungil calls me to tell me he has to talk to me about something. He didn’t sound like himself, but I thought that he was just tired from all the practicing. We plan to me at a coffee shop at 2:00 p.m. I dress warmly and walk to the coffee shop. I order a cup of coffee and wait for Kyungil. Finally, he arrives. “Hi, Kyungil.” I tell him happily. He just sits down and orders a coffee. “Whats wrong?” I ask him, but doesn't answer. His coffee comes and he takes a sip. Something is wrong. I can feel it. “We need to talk about us.” He says. “Ok.” I tell him. “We need to break up.” He says. I feel my heart break into millions of pieces. “W-w-why?” I say, trying to hold back tears. Why is he telling me this. “It was okay, but I just don't love you anymore.” He says this so calmly. “But we were happy yesterday. How could you not love me. This doesn't make sense.” I tell him. “It just happened.” He tells me. “You just can’t fall out of love with someone overnight.” I tell him. “Well I did.” He says coldly. “Lies.” I tell him. “You know what is a lie. The feelings I had for you. I just don't love you anymore. Please. Don’t look for me, contact me, and don't talk to the members.” He gets up and leaves me there.
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love it!
Omg loved it 😭😭❤️