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Nihao jiatang! Let's jump-start this with the most recent news.

Yixuan will be showing off his acting and dancing skills in a Chinese film titled "Step Up 6"

They began filming on Dec. 9 and it is scheduled to be released next year.

Lionsgate is partnering with Infinity Pictures and YueHua Entertainment (the label UNIQ is under) to produce this picture.

It does have to do with the other "Step Up" movies, but will be exclusively in Chinese.

Videos: Yixuan and Meiqi (WJSN) practicing (0:44) (0:44) credit to Yuehua G&B for the videos Source

Yixuan is supposed have one of the main roles.

He's not only known for his music career; he's also a well-known actor in China.

There's also word that Sungjoo will be appearing in the film, but it's undetermined what role. He as acted in several Chinese movies/dramas in the past year. He's been quite busy.

Aside from Seungyoun, who has been focusing on music, all the boys have been appearing in several dramas/movies.

Wenhan has been filming "Blood Academy".

He has also been on the basketball reality show "The Players" which has celebrities doing basketball challenges with out-of-the-ordinary teams (a team of little people, strong men, wheelchair bound players).

He even had the chance to play against Kobe Bryant.

Good job at blocking him Wenhan. Proud of you.

In the future Yixuan should be playing on this show as well. It was announced when he thanked the NBA for a jersey and posted pictures of him posing in it.

Can you tell he's been working out?

Yibo starred in "MBA Partners" along with Sungjoo, as well as acting in "Love Actually".

However, most of his time has been spent on the Chinese variety style show "Day Day Up". He's one of the main hosts. He was a host on a recent episode that had Lay (EXO-M) as a guest.

He still puts out short choreography videos on YouTube when he has time.

Because the group has more recognition in China, this is where a lot of their time is spent. They still do things in Korea; but they want to continue building up their names in China.

Sungjoo usually is the main spokesman in Korea, along with Seungyoun; but he still does a lot of work in China. So be sure to show them love wherever they may be!

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My sister @KokoroNoTakara wont shut up about this group so I guess I should check them out...
highly recommend them 😄😄
every one of these are on my watch list.
add me please!!
I would love to see Sungjoo's movies and dramas ❤
U-N-I-Q!!! UNIQ is awesome!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Omg I am so happy!!!
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