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Here is the second part.
December 6 I lay in bed, trying to figure out everything that happened yesterday. Once I got home yesterday, I broke down in tears. My heart was broken. How can he break up with me? We were so happy two days ago. How can his feelings change overnight? I decide to take my mind off it and decorate my apartment with Christmas decorations. I try so hard to keep my mind off Kyungil, but everything I do or see reminds me of him. The mistletoe reminds me of our first kiss. The lights remind me of when we decorated their dorm last year. The small Christmas tree reminds me when we decorated their tree and broke a couple of ornaments. I made hot chocolate and reminds me of two days ago. I feel tears going down my cheek. I try to stop crying, but couldn't. I miss him so much. There is so much I don’t understand. I hear my phone ring. “Hello?” “Y/N?” It's Dokyun. “I can't talk to you or the other members anymore. Bye.” “Wait, Y/N-” But I hang up. I didn't want to hear his voice. I didn't want to hear any of their voices. I wipe my tears and continue what I was doing, even if it reminds me of him. December 7 I wake up to my phone ringing. “Hello?” “Y/N! It's me! Jaeho! Listen to me please!” “We can't talk anymore. Bye.” I hang up. They should already know about the break up, but why are they calling me? Hearing their voices makes it harder to forget about him. I get up and get ready to go shopping. I go to the mall and find presents I want to give to my friends and family. I get some chocolates for my mom, a tool kit for my dad, my friend an album of her favorite group, and something for my siblings. I was walking to the to the next store when I see the jewelry. I go and see all the shiny diamond rings and gold bracelets. I see the watches and I remember when I gave Kyungil the watch he wanted. He called me the best girlfriend ever. I feel tears coming. Nothing makes sense and I feel my heart break again. I hear a ringing and it takes me out of my thoughts. “Hello?” “It's Sihyoung. Please don't hang up and listen to me. It's important.” “What don't you guys understand? We can't talk anymore. Bye.” I hang up, tired of them calling me. I finish my shopping and stop by a small restaurant and eat. Once I get home, I wrap all my gifts I bought. I finally finish and decide to watch some television. I was scrolling through the channels when I remembered how Kyungil and I would watch movies in the summer when we were bored and couldn't decide which movie to watch. We would back and forth, trying to figure out what movie to watch, but always ended up watching some random movie. We would always have snacks and just sit there and watch the movie. I feel tears going down my cheeks. December 8 I wake up to someone pounding on the door. I check the time and it's 8:00 am. I get up and realize I fell asleep on the couch. I go and open the door and someone walks in. He turns and my eyes widen. “Yijeong?” “Y/N!” He says and hugs me. “What are you doing here? You can't be here.” “We have to go! Jaeho is hurt!” “What? How?” “I'll explain on the way to the hospital. Let's go.” I get my sweater and put on my sneakers and go with Yijeong. We get in the car and drive off. “How did he get hurt? Where? When did this happen? What hospital are we going to? “We are not going to the hospital.” He says. “Where are we going then? He is at the dorms! Ya! He is injured! Why didn't you take him to the hospital!” I say to him. “Jaeho is not hurt.” “Then who is?” I start to think if Kyungil is hurt. “No one. It was a lie I told you to convince you to go with me.” “Where are we going then?” “Airport.” “Why?” “To see Kyungil.” I feel my heart sink to my stomach. “Stop the car.” I tell him. “What?” “Stop the car.” He pulls over and stops. “What's wrong?” “I don't want to see him.” “Why? You have to. You have to see him.” “No.” “Why?” “Because. He hurt me.” “He didn't mean to hurt you. He wanted to protect you.” He tells me. “From what?” “From hurting you, but he didn't do a good job. He loves you so much.” “If he loves me so much then why did he break up with me?” “He is leaving, Y/N.” “To where?” “The military.” “What?” He drives into the main road and explains everything to me. He found oti he had to go do his military service on the day we went on a picnic in July. The day he promised me he wasn't going to leave. He had tried to make everyday the happiest moment before he left. He wanted to tell me he had to leave, but couldn't do it. He felt like he break his promise and he didn't want to hurt me. So four days ago, he decided to break up with me. He explained how hard it was to for Kyungil to see me and how hard it was to calmly break up with me without breaking down in tears. But once he got to the dorms, he didn't talk to any of the members and didn't eat for the rest of the day. They could all tell that he was heart broken, but he didn't show it. “I understand now.” I tell Yijeong. “What does he leave?” “At 10:00 a.m.” I check my phone and it's 9:40. “How long until we get there?” I ask Yijeong. “Like in 30 minutes?” “What? Step on it!” He steps on the gas petal and he speeds his way through the intersection. We get to airport at 9:55. Run to see the others and they point to where Kyungil was walking to. “Go run to him, Y/N!” Sihyoung says. I run where was going before security tried to stop me. “Stop!” I kept running until I saw Kyungil. He was almost going to the gate “Kyungil!” He turns and sees me. I run towards him and hug him. “Y/N?” He looks at my face. “Y/N!” He hugs me tightly. “What are you doing here? How did-” “Yijeong told me everything. Why didn't you tell me you were going to the military?” I started to cry. He wipes my tears and puts some of my hair behind my ear. “You're so cold, Y/N.” He takes off his jacket and puts its over my shoulders. “Why didn't you tell me?” I say again. “Because. I was breaking our promise. It broke my heart to leave you, so I decide to break up with you so that you wouldn't feel heartbroken, but I realized that it hurts even more to let you go.” “You didn't have to let me go.” I tell him. “I know. I missed you so much. I don't want to let you go.” “I missed you too.” “I love you so much, Y/N.” He tells me and kisses me. His lips were so warm and gentle. I missed kissing his lips. He puts his forehead on mines. “I am never going to let you go.” He hugs me tightly again. “Sir. We have to go now.” A man says. “I have to go now, Y/N. I'll miss you so much. I'll come back, ok?.” He says “You promise?” I say, sticking out my pinky. “You're so cute. If you keep acting, you're going to make me stay.” he tells me and we interlock pinkies. “I promise.” He lets go, we say bye, and goes through the gate. I feel a tear going down cheek. Someone taps my shoulder and I turn. It's the guys. “Y/N? Are you okay?” Sihyoung asks. “Did you see Kyungil?” Dokyun says “Please tell me you did.” Jaeho says. “I did see him.” I tell them. “Then why are you crying?” Yijeong asks. “Because I am happy I saw him.” I tell them. “We are happy you are happy.” Jaeho says. “Come on, let's go get some coffee.” Sihyoung says. I follow them, thinking. “What are you thinking, Y/N?” Yijeong asks “Nothing.” I tell them and follow them. What I was actually thinking was of not letting go of Kyungil. Having him in my arms, I didn't want to let him go. I didn't want him to leave. I just got him back and he left again. I didn't want him to go. I didn't want to say bye. I wanted to say stay with me. But he has stuff to do. It was hard to tell him goodbye, but in my heart, I know he will come back.
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