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It's day 22 of the 30 day challenge and today is what was your favorite arc in Bleach? Now while I know people like to bash Bleach for being stuffed with filler it does filler arcs better than no other and one of those arcs happen to be my favorite arc!

The Invading Army Arc

I like this arc for a lot of reasons cool villain with an awesome plan, awesome fights, and new character bonds. First of I liked Oko as a character and a villain I thought in the grand scheme of things yeah he was probably underutilized because of Kageroza but eh still. And the fights captain Versus captain or Byakuya's case a captain vs captain and captain xD I liked these "mock" fights a little what if to there set up like could Jushiro and Shunsui ACTUALLY beat Genryusai? Also this was pretty much more THAN less the story of Bleach Dark Souls. I really liked the concept of that story so I was over the moon excited to see it brought to an anime adaptation. Then there's the new character Nozomi and while she didn't end up being another Ririn her and Kon's interactions were awesome bringing an entire new dynamic to Kon. Showing he does care and has a heart, that he doesn't only care about a girls boobs. If things had ended up differently I'm sure Kon and Nozomi would have been best friends.
So which arc is your favorite? You have some really good option s so I'd love to hear about them in the comments :) Thanks for reading Tagging @AdamDean @Zeenyte
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my fav arc is the bount arc and the arc u listed above. becuase thoose are the only two that can stand in cannon. also. in the bount arc we see uryu mom for the first time. and u dont see her again til the manga 1000 year war arc