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so apparently we have some so fans, if that's what they called themselves , have a hashtag going around that's sadly trending call #KICKJHOPEOUT, so this is for those haters, COUNTDOWN TIME!!!! #1. Grow Up #2. Love them as one and not separately because if that was you, you would want to be love together #3. Stop Hating, we don't need No Haters #4. Talk all you want J- hope is still making it #5. the new hashtag is #STOPHATINGONJHOPE #6.BTS is LiFe together as 7 not 6 #7. again STOP HATING J-hope work hard to get where he at now along with the rest of the BTS members, I hate when other people try to bring someone else's hopes down cause you cont like them, a person like that is not going to get nowhere in life, also people like that must not have anything better to do in their life so they bring somebody else hopes down like TF wrong with man, please love J- hope like you love the rest of the members of BTS, #LOVEBTSASONENOTSEPARATELY SINCERELY, NYKEA KING
I really don't understand why people would do that to him....(sigh)
@JaxomB ikr I hate stuff like that