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I'm a little late, but I'll get caught up!

Day ~1: Who is your Boys Republic Bias?

✧ This gorgeous angel from heaven, Kim Minsu. He is super duper precious and I had to be under his spell.

Day ~ 2: Who is Your NCT Bias?

✧ This Cutie Patootie IS my Bias. Moon Taeil

Day ~ 3: Do you have anymore biases in Boys Republic & NCT?

✧ Take a seat.

Boys Republic:

DaBin (First Bias Bebe)

WonJun (How can I not? Technically Him and DaBin were my first bebes.)


✧ Taeyong

This cute gingerbread fluff nugget. At first I didn't want anything to do with him, cause he looked like I was gonna have a real bad time, but laawd have mercy on my fragiley HEARTU. . . He kept staring and it broke me . . . DOWN. . .

Day ~ 4: How did you Discover them?

Boys Republic

✧ I was minding my peaceful business one day, and the YouTube God's suggested a new song to me. . .I clicked and I was snatched up by 5 guys I wasn't ready to love just yet. I was still a recovering Cross Gene Addict. . . Had been for a year and I was side swiped. I was intrigued.


My friends and precious bebes Jojo, Arisa, & Kris were talking about them and I got curious. I was weak and vulnerable. . . Saw the MV and I kinda just set up my failure & surrender from there.

Day ~ 5: Name 3 of your favorite Boys Republic Songs

✧ 3) The Real One ✧ 2) Get Down ✧ 1) Video Game

Day ~ 6: Name 3 of your favorite NCT Songs.

✧ 3) Without U ✧ 2) Fire Truck ✧1) 7th Sense

✧ Seven Senses Mod Squad:

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Great job Aimee! I loved your card ❤
thank you Dear!