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Alright I need some help

I need some romance guys help me find some new romance animes ...... by the way the pic is from mayo chiki which I just watched in 1 night and loved it
I also need some opinions I'm thinking of growing my hair back out to wear thesecond hairstyles I need your opinions should I do it? come on @juansanchez01 and @ShinigamiSan
Yeah you're the only one mad house sent me a message too but hasn't responded back
Romance Manga: MeruPuri, Wanted, Vampire Knight, Usagi Drop, Dengeki Daisy, Nisekoi, Mahou Tsukai no yome, Romace Drama: Koizora, Last Cinderella Romance Anime: Blood+, Eureka 7 , Amnesia, A Lull in the Sea, Guilty Crown, Toradora, My Little Monster, Say I love you, Hotarubi no Mori e (The Light of a Firefly Forest), Nisekoi..... For more : Of course! Grow your hair out. Long hair is great. I'm growing mine out too!
Ah, ok. I found the card you tagged me in lol.
@amazingAshley @superjkob @MadHouseRomance anyone I need help with the second part please
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