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Alrighty! I have another chapter for Bailey's Galaxy! School time! lol oh this is going to start getting interesting! the first people you'll be seeing are from Twice! lol Enjoy!!!! ***********
"Hmm shut the alarm off Bailey" Mora complained. "Its to early for this" Jackie whined. My alarm was going off for me to get up to go to school. I shared a room with the two other girls and they had to deal with my alarm going off for school. Zero and Eon shared alarm across the hall and Eon had to deal with Zero's alarm going off at the same time. Both of us attended school together. I shut the alarm off and grudgingly got up. "Lucky you two get to sleep more" I sighed sitting up in my bed. "Don't make a lot of noise" Mora said going back to sleep. I got up and searched for my school uniform.  I threw on the plaid skirt and white shirt then searched for the red blazor somewhere in the room. I found it on the desk chair. I threw my hair up in a ponytail and headed out. Zero was just coming out of his room dressed and ready. I made a run for the bathroom before he could. I needed to use it more then he did! After going to the bathroom I unlocked the door and started on my make up when there was a knock and zero came in to so his. "You don't even need cover up" I whined when he came in with his make up kit. "I have to look good no matter what" he said. He was already dressed in his uniform and his hair was messy after being tossled in sleep. "Like you need to look pretty for classes either" zero said ruffling my hair. "Hey! Of course I do! I have my image to maintain" I shot back making him smirk. When we were done the two of us went out where a van was waiting for us. "Thanks manager ko" I said climbing into the van. "Sup KO" zero said taking his seat. "You two get any sleep?" Manager Ko asked "Not enough" I sighed. "Really? I got all 3 hours worth" Zero said making me laugh. "So much. Wow! You have all the energy you could possibly need" I teased. "Sassy girl" zero grumbled. The rest of the ride was filled with Manager Ko telling us our schedule for the day. School let out at 2 for us and then we would go to the studio and take our vocal lesson there before going into dance practice. I had a session at 6 to work on my rap and Zero had dinner at that time before moving into his chero training. "We've arrived" manager Ko said when he stopped the car. "Thanks manager ko" I said. "Thanks KO!" Zero called our exiting the van. I followed suit. 7:30, we had a half hour before class started. "I'm headed this way kid. Get to your class on your own from here" zero waid waving as he went in one direction leaving me there. I swear, sometimes the guy acted like he didn't know me, mostly when I was hyper though. Sighing I went my way to get to class. I was just walking in the hallway when a hand pulled the back of my blazor making me stop. For a moment. Then I tried walking again but the strength of the person kept me from going forward. There was laughter behind me when I couldn't continue "Let me go! I want to run free" I exclaimed. "No little munchkin" the girl said as someone else wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "Tzuyu why!" I exclaimed looking to see the pretty girl next to me. "Because its fun" Chaeyoung laughed letting go of my blazor. These two were in a girl group together named Twice  Though they acted like this, they were 2 of my friends. "How was your concert yesterday?" Tzuyu asked as we started to walk. "Fun! The fans were cheering us on and so loud. I loved it" I grinned. "Bad thing, I got very little sleep" I added. "Who needs more than an hour of sleep Now a days" chaeyoung laughed. "Are you a vampire chae? Oh that's why your skin is so smooth and silky" I said rubbing her arm. "If only" she sighed "I could be young and gorgeous forever" she put her hand to her forehead And acted dramatically. I couldn't help but laugh. "You would have to suck blood to live though. I don't like that trade off" Tzuyu pointed out. "Hmm young forever, drink young people's blood" chaeyoung weighed the options. "I'd still do it" she decided. I raised my hand. "Can I be a bunny then?" I asked. "Bunny?" Chaeyoung said and both girls laughed. "You know, a bunny suits you. Hopping along Looking all cute and cuddely then you go rabid on them when they come near your food" Tzuyu laughed. "Food is yummy and precious to me" I stated. "I know it is. Lunch is your favorite time" Tzuyu said as we approached our home room. "Nuh huh. I like English class too" I pointed out. "That's good. I copy off your notes during the writing portion" chaeyoung said. "Ah I knew it" I twirled Round. "Okay okay get in the room goof ball" Tzuyu said pushing me into the room first. I spent the next two hours in the classroom passing notes to Chaeyoung and Tzuyu before we were released for a break.
He he. oh I got some of Twice in there as friends! Yey Bailey! lol first it was starting to sound like bullying until they start talking. lol wake up call but I can see Bailey trying to run away even as she's held on to lol. Okay Hope you liked the second chapter!!!
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I was like what don't make twice girls bullys!
lol nope but seemed that way for a moment lol