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So Im sitting at work and this question for thought just came to mind so I thought Id come over to my Kpop Vingle Community and see what everyone thinks of this! QUESTION: What does your ultimate bias mean to you? What does having an ultimate mean to you? I was just thinking how everyone thinks and feels differently on many things and I think that having a UB has a different meaning to everyone. Some people its your ideal type among all idols you love. For some its the first member who caught your attention and brought you into the kpop world. for others it may just be that your UB ia the best idol to you and no one else compares!
My ub is J-Hope prior to that it had been Jackson from Got 7 to me its a mix of my ideal type but also that the way they are just can make me smile in a matter of seconds, its also a bit of I wish I was more like them because it's how I was in the past. I'm no longer the bright and bubbly person I once was, I may have my days but a lot of the time I'm just the quiet person in the corner that seems to be invisible, I honestly don't mind this and it's easier for me to be this way because I'm an introvert but a lot of the time I wish I was more extroverted. Sorry I got kinda ramblely at the end but I hope you get my point. 😄
Recently Jimin of BTS became my UB. Before him it was GD because he was my first bias ever and he brought me into the kpop world. But Jimin had always been so close to being my UB. But recently I realized that Jimin is the idol that I feel the most love for and that makes me the most happiest, so he became my UB. GD will always have a special place in my heart, as well as Jackson Wang. He means something special to me too❤