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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung What: This is the type of Smut you stuff under your pillow and while you sleep the Smut Fairy comes by to collect your old editions of Smut Men and grants you with an new addition of Smutt Men. What money can't do for you the new edition of Smut Men sure as hell will.
"Ju ju help me!" You called for your boyfriend while struggling to get free of the Christmas lights. "What is your short ass doing now?" He said coming from the kitchen. "Failing! Obviously!" You said frustrated. He laughed as he walked over to you. You were a mess. Your arms and legs were caught in lights and you were struggling to get free. He came over to you trying to find a place to start. "I thought I told you enough with the decorations." He said. "You know any time you tell me something I do the opposite, this- ugh! This shouldn't be new to you." You said still wiggling around. "Alright Y/n stop fucking moving, you're making it worse." He snapped at you annoyed. You pouted and stopped moving. He sighed and lifted your chin and gave your lips a soft peck. "Look I'm sorry but you can't expect me to free you if you keep moving around like that okay?" He said softly. You nodded. "Come on pups don't be upset at me." He said. He gave you the nickname pups or puppy because when he snapped at you, you'd get those big puppy dog eyes and since you were shorter than him he just found you cute and harmless. You stayed still while he finally set you loose from the Christmas lights. He tossed them on the couch and you sighed with relief. "Are you still upset at me?" He said with a smile. "You didn't have to be so mean." You pouted. He grabbed you by your shoulders and pulled you into his arms. He kissed you softly then gradually it became harder. He pushed you down onto the couch where you found the Christmas lights again. Your had got stuck a little in the lights again and you struggled slightly to get out of them. "Come on pups, you're not going to stay upset at me for long are you?" He said teasing you. You looked down at the lights bringing your hand around to free your wrist. They lit up the sofa in pretty colors because they were still plugged into the wall but obviously still a pain in the ass to deal with. He stopped your free had and you saw a flash in his eyes. A sneaky smile grew on his face and he said, "I've got a way for you to forgive me." He pulled up your blue dress and tossed it to the side after freeing your hand from the lights. He pushed the tables out of the way and then pulled you onto the long run you had laid out in front of the couch. He laid you down and then proceeded to tie your hands up with the lights, one for each wrist so that you couldn't move much. "Yah! Ju Kyung what are you doing?" "Easy Y/n I just want you to forgive me, my cute little puppy but since you're going to make me work for it, I might as well have fun doing it." He said. You furrowed your brow at him. He smiled at you and came down to your lips. "Fix that face pups." He demanded dangerously. You pouted and he grinned evily. He pressed your hands to the floor and crashed his lips over yours. Instantly you wanted to touch him but he pushed your hands back down to the floor restricting you. You whined in his mouth not being able to get to him. His lips took over yours and his hands slowly ran down your arms. He sat up for a moment staring you in the eyes and then threw off his hoodie and tossed it to the side. He kissed your lips again for a moment but then moved down to your breast. He massaged your breast through your bra ,his hands moved slow and teased your perky nipples through the fabric. You moaned his nickname lightly and he brought his lips to your soft mounds. He pushed your bra up so he could kiss the sides of your breast moving down to the valley and then back to the other side. His tongue circled around your nipple making if harder than before. You moaned a little louder and arched off the floor to get him to suck on your breast more. Your toes curled with frustration as he pulled up and away from you. "You forgive me yet Y/n?" He said. You shook your head annoyed that he was toying with you. "Well maybe I'll have to make you feel more before you do." He smirked at you. He brought his mouth down around your nipple once again and started to suck away at the flesh. It felt amazing the way his tongue finally met your awaiting nipple. Your legs rubbed together for some much need friction. Your panties were growing even more wet than before. He was going to notice soon too. He hummed on your breast and you looked down at the perfect moment to watch his tongue lick from below your nipple to your collarbone. His tongue moved slow leaving a cold wet trail behind and his eyes were dark and predator like when they met your own. "Fuck me." You whispered the whine. "I'll be glad to." He said back. He moved back down, much lower this time and he kissed just below your belly button where your panty line was sitting seconds ago. His finger had hooked into your panties and he was pulling the front half up from your skin and yanking them down to reveal your flat surface. His kisses moved down along with your panties when he used his other hand to pull them down as well. "Press your legs together." He told you. You did just as he said, why you had become obedient so quickly was easy: you wanted him. With your legs pressed together, he used a little more force to go past your slit with his tongue and lick your clit. You opened your legs slightly while moaning out loud , his hands pushed your thighs back together however. He wanted to taste you just like that. It was hard for you to keep your legs together the way his tongue kept moving up and down fucking your little clit. Your heart was racing and your body was hot and he was loving every sound that left your mouth. He teased your sensitive nub coming up for a second to lightly press his finger to it and make circles on it. You took in a sharp breath bringing up your legs but he pushed them down again. His fingers trailed down your slit now that he'd allowed your legs to stay open. They found your entrance and played there only entering you shallowly. His tongue came back to tease your clit. He flattened his tongue and licked up your folds to your clit slowly. His fingers still shallowly pushed inside of you. You had gripped the lights into your hand but pulling on them and allowing the lights to go out would've spelled trouble so you had to be careful there too. "Ju ju please just put something in me." You said weakly. He looked up at you, "Oh just something, it doesn't matter what? I like the sound of that Pups. What a naughty little girl you are Y/n." He said. He grabbed a pillow off of the couch and placed it under your butt. He reached for one of the empty bottles on the table and brought it to your entrance. He smiled as he pushed it inside of you. Your moans were loud and your back was arching off the floor again. "That's fucking hot." He said watching you react. You were panting and your eyes made it to his face to see him looking over your body carefully. He kept the bottle moving in and out of you while he licked his hand and went inside his pants to rub himself. While he toyed with your entrance he was jerking himself off and watching that from your view only made you hotter. He licked his lips still watching you. You were still caught up in the lights and wanted to touch him but you also liked the way he was playing with you. "Ju- -Kyung." You moaned brokenly. "You're sexy too Y/n but you're still my puppy. Puppy's have to be trained. If you're good I'll reward you but if you're bad I'll punish you. Now say you forgive me." He said. "I forgive you." "That's a good girl." He praised you. He pushed the bottle deeper into you nearly making you scream. Your legs shook a little and your heart was racing. He pushed up on his knees letting go of the bottle but leaving it inside of you and he undid his pants to reveal the hard on he'd been stroking. In all its glory, he removed the bottle from you and began to ride against your slit. The tip teasing your clit like it was giving it a small kiss. Your hips bucked up to get more from him. He pushed your legs down and rode your slit faster, your wetness making sounds loud enough to drive your body crazy and turn you on more. "You're going to enjoy this so much pups." He said. He turned you on your side and straddled one leg before he had your other leg wrap around his waist. He fixed himself at your hole once again and he moved teasingly slow so that he wasn't all the way in you. His tip went inside then came out. Again and again he was killing you by not entering you. Your hands raised up and you could hear the slight sound of the cord coming out of the outlet. "Don't let those lights go out." He warned you. He went deeper inside of you and you moaned surprised at how amazing this angle felt. He snapped his hips into your body and used one hand to squeeze your ass. He rode into your body with amazing hunger. His length filling you up and stretching you out. He raised your leg higher on him and he leaned over so he could go faster as he pushed inside of you. His lips found your neck sticking at the free soft skin making you cry out in pleasure. "You're so fucking tight Y/n." He said. "Ah- Duck." You moaned. His tongue trailed down to your collarbone bone and he pulled you down on him while he licked you everywhere. Your body was being stimulated from multiple places and you couldn't take it. Suddenly his thrusts had stopped. "What?" You said surprised and desperate for more. "You pulled the lights out on one side." He answered. You bent backwards to look and see and you saw on one wrist the beautiful assortment of colorful lights were out. Ju Kyung left you and flipped you onto your knees. His hand came down hard on your ass slapping you and letting the sound bounce off the walls.You yelped at the sudden attack and bowed your head to your arms on the ground. "Now see when you don't behave you get spanked." He said. His other hand slapped your butt again which made you yelp in pain-pleasure. You felt his tongue come to your heat again, his nose meeting parts of your body you didn't want it too. His tongue attacked your core penetrating you and making you moan so loudly. You moved back onto the wet muscle and he slapped your ass as he hummed. He came up from your wet heat taking in breaths and he said, "I think I'll fuck you like that." He made you place your hands on the floor and you went into a downward dog position. He pushed inside of you, your legs were slightly bent but were off the floor. He pushed inside of you harder and that angle was amazing as well. "Do you like that Y/n?" He said through labored breathing. "Yes Duckie." You moaned. He moved faster rocking your body harder and you ended up yanking to other light set out of the wall. He slapped your ass and you moaned loudly. He slapped your butt again yet he hadn't stopped his thrusting. "Fuck!" you moaned loudly onto the floor. He pulled you up and brought you to the arm of the couch. He pulled your arms behind your back and then bent you over slightly. As he started ramming into your body harder and faster with your moans and screams filling the room. He grabbed your hair pulling your head back. His lips attacking your neck again. He kept a solid grip on your waist fucking the shit out of you. "Ju- ju. I'm gonna-" you were struggling to make a coherent sentence. "I know pups." He said roughly. You were tight on him and closing in to your orgasm. You pulled one of your hands from behind you and pushed yourself up from the arm of the couch. You pushed your butt back into him and moved your body so that it crashed into his. He was hitting such an amazing spot you were gripping the arm hard. He wrapped his arms around your body and brought you up against him, his lips came by your ear. "You feel so god damn good." He said thrusting as hard as possible into you. "Oh fuck!" You screamed as you were seconds away from the most amazing orgasms ever. "Fucking cum Y/n." He said in the sexiest husky whisperer ever. Your body erupted on him closing in tight and tensing up. His member being covered in your juices as he continued to move in you. Your body jerking against him and his hand running softly down your stomach. He was still fucking you, his other hand making it to your waist and pulling you down on him. He pulled you on him harder and you could hear him chanting behind you, "Come on, come on, come on." That fucked out voice taking over and driving him to release his load inside of you. You held onto the couch trying to get your shaking legs to calm themselves down. He grabbed you by your neck and walked you up against the wall. He faced you and your back touched the cold surface of the wall making you moan again. "Look at my puppy all fucked out." He teased coming by your lips again. His hand closed a little more on your throat making you feel a little light headed. Once he kissed you his grip released. His fingers played down your body like he was fooling around with a piano. He pulled away and said, "I know I'm harsh sometimes but I do love you Y/n." He said. "Yeah I know." "So do you really forgive me now?" He asked. You nodded, "Yeah I was never really upset I just wanted to see what you'd do. That ass smacking shit was sexy as hell." "Oh you mean this?" He slapped your ass hard and then smoothed over the sting while you moaned. "My sexy puppy. You're a dirty little girl aren't you?" he said lifting your chin so you could face him. "Yea I'm really dirty master." You played along adding a sultry tone to it. "Well then let master clean you up." He said. Ju Kyung lead you to the bedroom and thus began round two.....
juju on that booty lol
Pups, lovin the Nickname
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