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. .. … Brb, i cant see, tears be blocking ma view. if you’re wondering, yes, its true. SS5 is here. damn, its all happening so fast im not- fuck im always ready for suju. Its starting in Mexico, so Mexican ELF get first dibs on suju for north american super show, then its most likely America. if they skip us one more time, ill hunt the concert manager down until he agrees. and Canadian ELF you have waited for the longest freaking time, Henry is from Canada yet Suju has not yet even once, visited Canada (as far as i know) How am I so sure? well, if you know a website called then you’ve probably heard. if you’re going please go to the face book page, all credits to sup3erjunior ^^ Mexican ELF buy your concert tickets before they run out!! WHO’S GOING?? i want to go, i want to see my ELF family. i want to. so fucking bad. i want to be engulfed in that sapphire pearl blue sea that I’ve been dying to see, and be a part of. but since im a minor, its up to my parents. people im ready to pay like 600 just for this concert, i will go, even if my parents ask me to do something as ridiculous (for me) as to get an A in French and have a really high score on the PSAT, but if its for suju, ill fucking take everything anyone throws at me. but the thing is, aren’t our oppa’s tired? like how many super shows do they plan on doing? i mean i don’t mind, this is just proof of their worldwide popularity, i just don’t want our beloved oppa’s to become really tired or injured afterwards. Can you all pray that my parents let me go to super show 5~
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I'm crying right now. I really hope they come here to Cali!