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An angel descended from a star sky With a face of pure bliss, she caught my eye I saw her exquisite beauty and watched her descending With her hypnotic aroma she raised my heart's beating My heart started to dance inside my body And her wings fluttered with her eyes blinking I held her hands into mine and felt the warmth I felt her love and the breathes she twinkled Since she was the daughter of stars She knew how to enlighten each dark night into gleaming path Colliding hearts, held her soul, wrapped wings together And I found myself in another world with her A world where God bows and speaks her language A world where I found my true existence free from tranquil Watching my shadows in her eyes I found my someone to call my life To be with her, in her starry sky And hold her tightly, and fly high Fate and time colliding to watch our story unfold And we wrote it on the universe as it was our canvas Rainbows induced the stars with colours And the moon got jealous as he wanted that angel But now when I have you, the Angel of the universe These skies play the most beautiful melodious and burn fireworks With your eyes shining with love And your never ending smile for us With you blushy red cheeks burning And our story being written with pages turning Everything happened in one night, when I saw Angel Who brought rainbows to me and enlightened my world This Angel, I feel to be my eternal destiny And it's you, my beautiful, my only.