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Updated: Ten Count!!!
OMG guys finally updated!! ❤ not giving anything away read it! now! lol.
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Is this a series?
9 months ago·Reply
Yes it is.
9 months ago
I hate when they leave the last page the cliffhanger when it looks like it should still keep going 😤😖
9 months ago·Reply
omg!!!! @odayja ikr! i just want them to come up with a chapter each day lol
9 months ago·Reply
Yas, I am late in seeing this but I read it on the same day it came out, and I was going nuts, SO BEAUTIFUL *cries in tears of joy*
9 months ago·Reply
@TakamiRen i agree! i just need the next chapter like yesterday lol
9 months ago·Reply
@NessaB True <3
9 months ago