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ok guys, for next year i decided to make it my first time ever of going to a anime convention!!! yes I have not gone to one but thats about to change!! I'm going to be saving up money for me to buy a new purse in April for my birthday then save up more money for a anime convention later in 2017 I will be cosplaying too which i decided a female version of Honey-senpai since i have usa-chan (bun bun) and idk what the date will be yet since i haven't set one up but i will be looking forward to this :)
I do have a surprise for you guys later on today so i hope you look forward to it ;)
please let me know if you like to be added or remove thank you :)
ah!!! I'm so happy for you!!! I can't wait for the pictures!
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oooooo! that sounds fun!;
if you go to a convention let me know which one and where ill try to make it.
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lol okay keep me posted
you can add me. I would love to see the costume in progress
So cool!