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Sorry this one is a little late. I was busier than usual lol but here it is. To finish it up, let's find who you'll be spending Christmas with!!!!

Ugly Sweater #1


You, your pets, and your lover was the only things you needed this Christmas. Both your pets were playing with each other while you and your lover happily watched them

Ugly Sweater #2

Monsta X

Your lover invited the rest of the group to sleep over for Christmas. You agreed knowing that it would be more fun having them there.

Ugly Sweater #3


You spent the morning waking up the your kids and lover yelling at the presents 'Santa' had delivered.
Wooh! This game did a toll on me, I'm not supposed to be doing all this work during my Christmas break xD But this was really fun and I'm thankful that you guys participated!! Happy Holidays!!!
Let Me Know How You Felt Now That Its Over xD
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this was such a great and lovely game, thank u for ur hard work and time spent making this it's greatly appreciated ❀
thank you so much. I really appreciate it πŸ˜πŸ’™
God damn it, I knew I should've went with sweater #2 >.< Oh well cx Me and Kihyun have kids I guess. All in all, it was a fun game and I looked forward to it everyday ^-^ Please make more in the future and rest for the rest of your break~~
@CrookedShadow thanks. I'm glad you liked it :). I hope you rest well too. more games will be coming soon lol
Aww Christmas with our kiddos! Thanks for the fun game!!
Opps. I thought I replied.... So me, Hyungwon, and our pets. That sounds oddly accurate. Wish I got the with members choice, but oh well.
Loved my results! You did great John! 😊
thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™