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Hey there my beautiful Beau's I am back with a new segment of last minute outfit ideas. I've been stressing out like you have no idea and finally by looking at these pictures. I found a perfect outfit for tomorrow we all have those days that we don't know what to wear and try every piece of clothes you have and you're not feeling it. Well NANA got you covered! I promise that at the end of this you''ll end up with an outfit!

We the KpopINT TEAM wish you the best this Holiday! We appreciate your support by reading, liking and sharing our cards & articles. Lot's of Blessings for you and you family.

Merry Christmas!♥

1. Red

Is the essential color for these holly jolly days ~
I could be a scarf, sweater, coat, skirt or even shoes ;)

2. Burgundy

This famous color that's been trending for two years straight. Could never go wrong, dab your lips with a wine colored lipstick and tada! a touch of burgundy, all eyes will be on you that night~

3. Pink

will never go out of style~ it's so cute and trendy.. if you don't have anything pink try Rose eye shadow or lipsticks can never go wrong ~

4. Brown

Any shade of brown would look great as well, try to mix two shades of brown and add a white shirt some black jeans and a different brown scarf tone. And you'll be set... you don't have a brown scarf? brown bags or shoes can never go wrong ;) MAKE IT WORK!!!

5. Navy Blue & Black

These are so pretty! I love them all... I mean WHO DOESN'T HAVE BLACK IN THEIR CLOSET????? if you don't then that's a sin LOL! anyways I got my outfit idea from the last picture on the far right corner! I have a dress from Forever 21 with that collar and its a charcoal color so adding a black coat on top of that dress and some black tights and black booties would look great! and a touch of burgundy on the lips and eyes!

6. Military Green

This color is one of my favorites right now this color is everywhere!
A green jacket with a white v-neck some black leather pants or Jeans and some military boots would look great. Now if you're going for the edgy look, add some black heels and you'll be set.

7. Orange & Yellow

ARE IN... if you dont have those two colors in clothes why not painting your nails those colors? to add a pop of color too your outfit.

7. Go SAFE (Dress)

You can NEVER go wrong with a mini black dress..
Black, Gold, Silver, White, Red.. or so !!
I hope this helped! Trying to help some sisters & brothers out! I hope you all enjoyed this like I now I can go to sleep without any worries! Make sure to subscribe to our K-Beauty & Fashion area! to stay tuned for more awesome articles like this one!

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Goodnight Beau's until next time!
Stay Flawless Beau's
Hasta la vista~ Nana♥
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Ooooo I love these
Oh! I'm glad you did like them! ~Nana♥